Friday, February 20, 2009

Once upon a tyme...

St Pauls Hospital

Post copied from Sarah Iqbal...
i cant help but to copy this,
its sooo funny...

Feel free to make your own interpretations.

situation 1
# You were eating lunch at 5pm and someone knocked on your door. Turns out to be a salesgirl promoting coupons.

monologue: kenapa datang umah org petang2 nie... ko nie biar betul? BALIK!!

situation 2
# Your friend, a Vietnamese, went back to Vietnam just to celebrate Valentines with his girlfriend.

monologue: OMG! why are u doin this? u noe she's cheating on you!

situation 3
# Your friend asked you what did you do for valentines. You just smiled.

monologue: BODOH! as if u dont know im single!

situation 4
# You asked your friend to sign the attendance form for class on your behalf. They did not sign. They said they were sorry. You said, "its ok".

monologue: kenapa poyo sgt? bukan nyer ak suruh ko jilat kertas tue? give me a break!

situation 5
# A guy walked passed you while you were enjoying a cup of coffee and he said, "wow". You just kept drinking.

monologue: die nk tegor somebody else kot... ada org kat blakang ak ke? die nie salah org nie... asal die dok pandang ak lagi nie? FREAK!

situation 6
# You really needed to go to the restroom. Unfortunately, it was full. And the person inside was taking bloody long.

monologue: owh SHIT! plz come out! ak dh terkentot2 dh nie!

situation 7
# You walk passed beautiful people and they gave you 'the look'.

monologue: what are u looking at? malu la...jgn la pandang2! i noe i look good. :D


6 people give a shit!:


klakar la ko ni mael

aMaeBa said...

ko pon baca blog ak kew?

thE^DuCheSs said...

ceh..buat2 tekejut..padahal da tau dah...taktik lame la mael..blah la....hahahahha

aMaeBa said...

org serious tak tau ok!

Nadiah Kzaman said...

The part yang Bodoh a.k.a Stupid time valentine
mmg selalu berlaku..
Why do people always forget that sometimes we r single..
Lagi mau tanya ka..

aMaeBa said...

tau takpe...
mentang2.. kan?
kecik hati ak.

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