Monday, February 16, 2009

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for those who dont noe...
im a dancer...
primarily malay traditional dances...
i might not be best one out there, but i love to do it none the less....
rite now im a dancer for my university...

there are many challenges in relation to this pastime.
especially if u are a muslim..
the most significant one is when guys are directly labeled as softies and homos when they like to dance...
i cant actually blame them,
coz this fact is mostly true coz from my experience performing for shows, i found that most of the male dancers out there are like that...
u have no idea how many times i have been appoached by a man,
how many dreadful sms's i gotten from a dude asking to be a friend...
asking if i was seeing anybody,
asking if i have been dancing long.
it was so dreadful!
dont try and make small talk with me
coz i noe all u want to do is to try and get inside my pants!
there are also a few that actually really nice and didnt try anythin weird

but that will not stop me from doin what i love.

dance is a form of expression of delicate movement...
a twist of a wrist,
a slight jerk of the head,
a bend of the knee,
a stare of the eyes,
a smirk of the mouth,
anythin even remotely visible to the eye can make it of break it for a dancer.

i love it coz malay traditional dances are like any other traditional dance,
it tells a story.

  • it can be a story of a princess getting ready to meet her prince
  • it can be a story of a group of friends playing
  • it can also be a story about birds flying and playing freely in the sky.

my love for dance can never be over shadowed by the fact that i can be labeled by those who does not understand that this art which is almost forgoten by our generation...
my dance is strictly for the art.

coz i noe...
that there are many people out there who love the thought of dancing but are not able to SIMPLY bcoz of physical, mental and also due to religious reasons...

im not goin to let anybody stop me...


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Nadiah Kzaman said...

Somebody has spoken out the truth about being a dancer..
How u love dance..u will never compare it with how u love the ice cream robbins and the brownies and the chipsmore..
It's more than that..
More than u knoe..
U see..
People..Loves to label..Just like they love the labels or brands of Louis Vouitton or Gucci..
People love to 'label'..
If u get what i mean..

So my dear..whatever that u love..
You do it coz its you..
There are no people that is same with you..
Coz you are you
N u can never be somebody else..
Like yourself for who u are..
And those who....

Let them...cuz sumbody else will label them too isn't it..
Hope it will be..
In a good way..

aMaeBa said...


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