Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I live For The stage!

Avenue of Poplars at Sunset

it has been a really artsy week for me...
i went to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang last sunday...
i was on Valentines Day, (not like it matters..)
the play was so gooD!
the stage was magnificent!
the actors was great especially the characters of Patih and Bayan...
i love that the play tells about the sacrifices done in the name of love.
eg. Bayan was willing to kill herself to protect Gusti

all in all,
i just LOVE the way they told the story about the relationship of Gusti and Bayan.
i think its both lovely and sad at the same time

stephen rahman was just ok, for me...
he didnt actually blew my mind away...
he was in other words - mediocre.

Tiara was actually quite good.
her performance was believable.
her dancing was quite ok as well...
i just wish that she would have more parts not being alone or with Hang Tuah..

in a nutshell,
the play was good,
the stage effect was great,
the actors was ok,
the props was repetitive,
i think the play was good because of the supporting casts,
the dance sequences could have been better,
i hope this play will generate lots more big scale stage productions...

yesterday i went with EIE+2 to watch a theatre.
Entitled "women and Independence"
i dont actually see anything in the play relating to the topic directly but it was entertaining to watch none the less.
the play was performed by IIU students.
there were two stories,

'it takes two to tango'
tells a story about two married couple who struggles with marital issues...

the second
tells the story of a community that tackles the issue of
pre-marital sex,
teen pregnancy,
and family values...

both was entertaining and full of values to learn from...
all the actors were actually pretty good.
watching theatre got me thinking of how much work it takes to stage one..
how many people it takes to make it as smooth as possible...
something could go wrong and
the whole play is ruined...
i wish i could witness one..hehe

i once wished that i could join aand act in a stage production..
i still do..
i now realise that my time is runing out and i should really make it happen soon...

i am now perfectly content with dancing

i dont want to be greedy...
you shouldnt be too...
im a firm believer of being good at what u love,
learn and practice
till u get it mastered...

yeah, yeah...
i now that people say that it is never to late to try,
but i cant imagine if i start working oneday,
to be SIMPLY doin theatre at the same time...


2 people give a shit!:

LoLa said...

Staging plays might look like a bundle of fun. But trust me, it is soooo not. Huhu.

aMaeBa said...

but, it looks like sooooo fun!
but ill take ur word for it...
u noe better.

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