Friday, February 20, 2009

Safety First y'all!

Vincents Bedroom

i am never a person who worries too much about my safety...
ive always thought that
"nothing ventured nothing gained..."

i am now in a talk talking bout safety in a workplace..
he is talking so much bout safety on a construction site and things like that..
im curious..
does he think he is talking to construction workers?
i have no idea why he is talking bout safety boots and gas masks to students..?
so i thought,
i should turn on my laptop and write somtin on my blog....

5 minutes have past...
he is still talking about ear protection...
maybe i can wear that to class....
maybe on presentation days...
that could be useful.

im thinking of why the university suddenly thought of organizing this talk...
i think,
after the incident when 2 of my friends where trapped in the elevator a month ago,
the uni. is scared of getting sued.
so they thought of doin this to make it seem like they care of our safety...
i think that is it!
im sure of it!



2 people give a shit!:

fiza said...

ear protection on presentation day?

aMaeBa said...


i would be very2 useful!

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