Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are u addicted too??

facebook is one the most successful
creations created by man.
everybody needs a facebook account.
but why?
y should we have a facebook account?
based on,
there are 6 reasons why facebook is so addictive.

no. 1 -
people need to feel connected to each other.

lets face the facts, people are busy bodies,
they like to talk,
talk about themselves,
talk about other people,
and talk about what other people talk about themselves.
its something we cant run from,
n facebook have enabled us to do this without
even leaving our house.
apart from being faster,
it also helps us to fulfill the basic need
for people to know they are being listened too.

no. 2 -
People need to be nosey

its basic human behavior to be nosey,
What better way to waste the hours away than to
stick your nose into other people’s business
without them really knowing you’re doing it.
u can uncover deep secrets and many more thru facebook.
interests n activities!

no. 3 -
employers love it too!

employers all around the world
have been sacking their employees
as they were caught not doin their work
or even havin their productivity level lower
as they are addicted to facebook.
employers worldwide are now
thankful to facebook for identifying these
problem cases to eliminate their companies from
goin under.

no. 4 -
single, in a relationship, gay or straight??

just by simply checking up on the people
ur fren have been interacting with,
u can identify this persons sexuality n status,
having stating the persons preference
helps too!

no. 5 -
u dont need to set up ur own website

havin a facebook account is more than enough.

no. 6 -
i havent seen them in years.

with the growing population of facebook users,
u can expect that almost everybody has one now.
imagine that u can even find somebody uve lost
contact with since u were 5!
Facebook makes it easy to find them and tell
them what’s on your mind, no matter what it is.

facebook rockS!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taaruf Week

im happy today!
i just knew that the cultural performance
that was eliminated from the taaruf week
is goin to be reinserted to the tentative...

u must understand that this performance that we
do every semester during taaruf week is really important
in promoting the cultural clubs which many
would say is not easily accessed to the public.
this performance introduces us the cultural bodies
to the newly registered student of the uni.
so that if they r interested to join or somtin
they would noe where to find us.

im thrilled!
plus, its been awhile since i used my dancing feet.
they could some work.

new student will be registering next week guys!
the cultural performance will be held on the 4th of December.


ps. reason behind pic is bcoz i just simply love indian dances.
i think it is the hardest type of dance
to master n it exudes sensuality and beauty.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Everyone Connects Street Party - Part 2

as promised,
i bring u more pics from the event
the pic above is from the the tyme
we had our briefing at the Hainan Chicken Rice Shop.
i just want u guys to imagine wat the people of the shop
was feeling when theu saw
200 people came and ate at their store at the same time..

the result is -
waiting almost an hour for the food.

this is during the trial run of the event during the afternoon...
a fren of mine actually said that this reminded her of the
time when we where in school n had to line up
especially during events like Sports day and stuff...
which is kinda true..

the really corruptive people
who turn the little innocent boy i am,
into a street party junky?
tanx guys!
i had a lot of fun with u guys...

we were given mics that does not work...
it was just to make the
effect like we are singing karaoke
together as a huge group...

im totally in love with Stella's hair...
it like soooo long and wavy and nice!

this is actually when we were doin the freeze.
u could c me at the far right of the pic
im holding the mic with sharon.
by the end of the freeze i couldnt feel my legs...
coz i was stupid enough to freeze in a kinda of tonggek position.
i could even feel sweat dripping off my elbow.

last but not least,
an actual photo of me doin the stomping flash mob.
im the only one wearing the brown formal wear...
imagine the amount of sweat i accumulated.

well done TM for a wonderful event!

::credit to Sasha, Joanna, Sharrif n Andy Gan 4 the pics::

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Everyone Connects Street Party

i was apart of a great event just now.
we did a lot of things.
i stomped,
i air-guitar battled,
i kalang waved (another version of the mexican wave),
i congaed (the conga line thingy),
i freezed,
i sang,
and i dance my heart out.

i got sooo tired
soo quickly today.
eventho i did manage to catch the much needed
sleep most of the other guys didnt get,
i still got tired wayy to fast.
(jumping and dancing in the rain is
not somtin i would recommend people to do,
unless u get paid! :D)

i couldnt take pictures
as i couldnt bring anythin with me
n i had to switch off my phone
- apparently it disturbs the wireless microphones -
but it was all good.
hopefully the assigned photographers
did managed to take a few pics
with me in it.

the only pic i have.
this one pon was taken durin the start of the flash mob...
rite after the stomping.
ill upload more pics if i find any later.

tanx to this event ive met a lot of people.
people whom i could never met
in other circumstances.
im tankful for that la.
wishing that i would met them up soon!


ps. do i look like sombody whos 26??

tired much??!

lately i cant fall asleep properly.
i usually come back from rehearsals at
around 11-12ish at nite.
n i cant sleep till like its 3 0r 4 oclock in the morning...
eventually i wake up at around 7 to have breakfast.
n only if im lucky that i can go back to sleep.

watss happinig to me.
ive had to do this kinda stuff b4,
but not till to the state that i cant sleep??!

hopefully everythin goes back to normal
after the event 2morrow!

toodles everyone!
n a very good nite!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Defying Gravity

theres this one little song called
'Defying Gravity'
which have caught my attention
on the latest episode of Glee...

this song is one of the best songs
ive heard in a while...
the lyrics,
the melody,
the composition....
it all blends sooo nicely together
thus making it a great song.

this song is actually a original song created for
the theater musical

this musical is basically about
the Wicked Witch of the South
before Dorothy came to the
Wonderful World Of Oz,
where she met with
the Tin Man without a heart,
the Scarecrow without a brain,
and the Lion without courage,
blah, blah, blah...

its b4 any of them met.
the musical is also a multiple
Tony award winner
with many other awards as well...

i assure u,
u should check out this song,
or even better try and look
around for a recording of this musical...

ive included a link for those
who would like to download
the original version of the song
by Idina Menzel.


PS. if u manage to stumble across the recording of 'Wicked',
plz let me know ya?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


freedom of speech,
freedom of thought,
freedom of religion,
freedom of expression,
freedom of choice.

freedom is a wonderful thing.
but for now,

freedom of exams
is the most wonderful of all!



Thursday, November 12, 2009


if u guys have read one of my post
quite a while ago about the
pillow fight flash mob
and the Merdeka Train Party

u would understand that i really like being apart
of all these random event thingys..
i find it to be a way for me to interact with people besides
the ones i would find at Uni.
u have no idea the many wonderful people
u could met at events like this...
people! go out more!
(kan sarah??)

i went to this audition
the night before yesterday
in order to be a participant of the next flash mob,
i cant say much about what we're
actually gonna do,
but i can assure u that its gonna be a very long one.

and last night
i got the sms that im passed the
auditions and
that i have been chosen to be a

i think what Zain
(the guy who is incharge of these flash mobs)
is doin is really great for the country,
u noe coz he is really trying to gather all these
people together, from all the races and age groups
with a single purpose in mind
which is to create a scene!

thats why im really passionate about doin all these things
eventho im bz with other stuff, coz
i believe its my responsibly as a Malaysian to try and
be as supportive as possible to a fellow Malaysian
who is trying to do good for the country...
(m i making any sense?)
i doesnt hurt that im getting paid..

what have u done for ur country lately?


Friday, November 6, 2009


for those who are new to Kpop,
Brown Eyed Girls is one of the best female groups
currently still active in Korea.
being one of the senior groups with most of the
group members already at their late 20's,
the group is still able to come put with hit after hit
since their second album last year.

after the very much success of
the Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)
are back with a repackaged
Version of their album Sound-G

this repackaged album also come with
a new single which they have started
promoting yesterday on Mnet MCountdown.

all i can say is that ive fallen in love
with the BEG's once again with this new single.
yet again they've come out with another
catchy song with a catchy dance.

but i cant but feel like the beat of
this song is kinda similar to of which
from their song L.O.V.E,
but who cares, this song is still the bomb.
Ive included a vid of their performance
last night on Mnet Mcountdown.

i apologize coz this vid is not the best vid i could provide,
but it is the smallest i have,
(my Internet is really slow)

i hope u enjoy it as much as i did.