Friday, November 20, 2009

Defying Gravity

theres this one little song called
'Defying Gravity'
which have caught my attention
on the latest episode of Glee...

this song is one of the best songs
ive heard in a while...
the lyrics,
the melody,
the composition....
it all blends sooo nicely together
thus making it a great song.

this song is actually a original song created for
the theater musical

this musical is basically about
the Wicked Witch of the South
before Dorothy came to the
Wonderful World Of Oz,
where she met with
the Tin Man without a heart,
the Scarecrow without a brain,
and the Lion without courage,
blah, blah, blah...

its b4 any of them met.
the musical is also a multiple
Tony award winner
with many other awards as well...

i assure u,
u should check out this song,
or even better try and look
around for a recording of this musical...

ive included a link for those
who would like to download
the original version of the song
by Idina Menzel.


PS. if u manage to stumble across the recording of 'Wicked',
plz let me know ya?!

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