Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taaruf Week

im happy today!
i just knew that the cultural performance
that was eliminated from the taaruf week
is goin to be reinserted to the tentative...

u must understand that this performance that we
do every semester during taaruf week is really important
in promoting the cultural clubs which many
would say is not easily accessed to the public.
this performance introduces us the cultural bodies
to the newly registered student of the uni.
so that if they r interested to join or somtin
they would noe where to find us.

im thrilled!
plus, its been awhile since i used my dancing feet.
they could some work.

new student will be registering next week guys!
the cultural performance will be held on the 4th of December.


ps. reason behind pic is bcoz i just simply love indian dances.
i think it is the hardest type of dance
to master n it exudes sensuality and beauty.

4 people give a shit!:

salihatalib said...

i love indian dance too..pernah berangan nak belaja someday..hehe ;)

aMaeBa said...

kan?? indian dances best gler..
i pon teringin nk blaja...
dulu ada blaja sket je.

kero rO said...

ko committee tok taaruf ke mael?

Anonymous said...

takla.. ak performer tok cultural night.
takda makna ak nk jadi komiti.

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