Friday, April 29, 2011

Skyscrapers in a Kampung

Last year my neighbor sold their land to a local developer.
they were the first one to give in to the stress of living in Kg Baru
*i dont find it stressful pon actually.. but well..*

they were the first one to do so from out street.
we were actually shocked that they did as they didnt tell
any of the neighbors of their plans..
i know its kinda stressful to be living in this part of town..
with all the promises from the government,
and the way politicians talked on the news as if the people living
here are social outcasts and dumb..

but hey!
who ever listens to politicians nowadays right?
so screw them..

but what to do, they moved..
*in a hurry i might add*
and the sad thing was that they had a really cute and loving cat..
named "Janggut".

they didnt bring him along.
they left him here.

my mom who is a cat lover was shocked at how
heartless my neighbors (ex-neighbor) were..
everyday for a few months, the cat would wait in front of the
door and call for the door to be opened so he could go in.
it was heartbreaking...
my mom would occasionally go next door
and leave a plate of cat food so that
the cat wouldnt literally die waiting infront of
the door waiting for his owner to come back.
but now, a year later,
Janggut mostly live in our compound as
the house next door was demolished to make way for
a 50 floor service apartment!!

which brings us to the main story of why
i m so angry right now..
first of all, the property next door is not that large in the first place.
how can they decide to make a service apartment??
plot ratio out the window???
second, the lot is like 2 metres from a residential land.
literally 2 metres from the structure of the house!
imagine the damage the construction of a 50 storey building would do!?

so today,
the people from the developer came to look at the house and take
pictures of the house before any construction would take place.
i guess they want to use it as reference when we would sue the ass
out of them if anything wrong would happen to the house...
*hopefully no construction worker falls down and break his neck on our Astro disk*

so yeah,
why do we need to have a 50 floor building in Kg Baru?
why is Kg Baru under so much ridicule in the first place?
this place is a historical landmark for Malays in Malaysia.
it has come to its 111th anniversary this year..
and this is the only place to see traditional
Malay houses in Kuala Lumpur nowadays.
everyday i see tourist walking about the streets looking at the houses
that the politicians so called rundown houses.
i feel insulted that the politicians still cant grasp
the idea of preservation and conservation
within that little brain of theirs.

but yeah,
i love this place.
i was born here,
i was raised here.
i shed tears here.
ive lost blood here.
this is my home.
and it was my great grandfathers home.
but i have a feeling that i wont be
able to raise my children here.

everybody is fond of where they come from,
as do i..
and everybody has their very own special
reason as to why its extra special..
for me mine is special because this
is the house *that as i mention just now*
that my great grandfather built almost a 100 years ago.
what special about where u come from?
tell me in the comments below.
i would love to read about it.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying tree.

some people say that as people age, they get more mature.
but this is not true as
Sheldon and Kesser have proven in their book that,
"While it has been shown that older persons are generally more mature,
psychological maturity is not determined by one's age."

so basically,
if a person age does not go parallel with a persons maturity,
does it mean that it depends on the mental age?
this is also a no.

it is generally believed that the process of maturing is
learned rather than instinctive,
and is not determined by one's age.

u learn to become mature.
u dont inherit maturity,
and maturity does not come to u in a dream, ok people.


it comes from living and learning from life.

i guess the problem lies when a person thinks he/she is mature
and to have live life enough that
he does not see that the cycle of maturing never ends.
i dont think somebody ever stops learning how to act and be mature.

but the thing is being a mature individual is so hard!
it is much easier to retort to things and being an ass.
i usually hate it when people treat me like i dont know stuff
and as if its my first time doing it.

i usually tell people if its my first time.
so people can have a rough idea of the product that
i would produce. so if i dont say that its my first time,
it means that i have done it before and u can keep your
stupid sarcastic comments to yourself.

thats the deal with malays i guess.
not generally saying everybody...
*sapa makan cili dia terasa pedas*
that we think highly of ourselves.
and we like to make ourselves look or seem superior.
especially in the working environment.
(ok, i get it. when u work,
u want to put ur best foot forward. bla bla bla)
but one should not resort to lame comments
and being sarcastic to collegues...
i dont think its right to assume that u noe everything...
as a matter of fact i think its stupid when u do..

so, on a personal note,
i dont care to try and get close to people who i do not generally care for.
so i usually act in a generally perky and happy me and
try to restraint myself from making any comments
of what not that would make me seem as i would care at all.
i would also like people to do the same to me.
i dont want people to act like they are buddies with me.
i dont want people to make comments like they noe what i like or do not like.
i find annoying and i hate it.

so. all in all,
i just like to have people to start thinking
of what they are saying, or sms-ing or commenting or what not..
its not hard.
a second to think about it would solve hours of conflict later.

i try to be optimistic and believe that everybody has a good side.
but that good side will also have shadows.
what is that shadow signifying to you?
is it immaturity like me?
or is it somtin worse?
let me noe in the comments below
and have a good day.


Monday, April 25, 2011


hye peeps.
ive always loved the indian culture.
the colours, the dance, the music, the life..
and it is only natural that i dream to go there sometime soon.

so, my bestbuds and i gathered one day and talked about it.
and the result being that
shaqyl, vini, hazey and i are planning to
go backpacking next march to india!
im like uber excited and ive been bugging
hazey so much about the tickets. *sorry haze

but yeah,
we'll be spending a month there goin proli from
Kerala *the South of india
to Kashmir *which is the north

so as any one would be,
im like super excited.
and the plan would be that the trip is gonna be like
rm5000 each so i thought that i would be needing a job by atleast
July in order to successfully collect that amount of money.

so yeah.
need to find a job.
one that is not so permanent.
so that i could quit to take that 1 month long trip.

so far,
seeing that i not doing anything at the moment.
i actually thot of working partime somewhere.
but who in the right mind would hire someone whos only looking
for work for like 3 weeks?
so i passed the idea.
now, im stuck at home,
trying not to waste to much of money
*i wouldnt even go to the store to buy my facial wash*

so yeah.
im cheap.
and im planning to go to india.

so tell me,
whats the one country u would love to go
if u have the chance.
and plz dont say the United States.
i will find you and hit u hard in the face.
tell me in the comments below.


a big plus if u can identify wat pic is that
that ive put in the post up above.

Friday, April 22, 2011


to those who didnt noe,
i started playing gamelan for an up and coming
Malaysian artist Amirah Ali for a few months now.
it was a long process before i finally did join and performed
together as during the end of last year, i was kinda busy with
other stuff.

so eventually at the start of the new year, when i decided to
stop dancing for awhile to make way for other stuff that
i had the opportunity to do this.
and its such a great decision.

Amirah Ali is an Internationally recognized singer/songwriter
if u havent heard any of her songs,
ill post a link later down below.

its her vision to have pop music be incorporated with
world & traditional music elements.
so thats where we came in.

in the band, apart from the normal guitar, drums, and keyboards,
we have the bansuri (bamboo flute) and also the gamelan.
i also heard that Amirah is looking to introduce the Sape
into the mix. so keep an eye for that..

ive always enjoyed playing music.
(ive been playing music for 15 years.)
i also enjoy the roots and tradition of cultural music,
so this was very awesome for me to be able to be part of.
the band consist of such fun and awesome characters.
every single person is friendly and the first
day of rehearsal didnt feel awkward at all!

thanks kak Amirah for the inviting me as apart of
Asuhan Seni Gamelan Group to perform with the band.

this is Amirah Ali's fb Page.
check out the song Katakanlah and Alone Again.
my fave 2 songs of hers.


we have a Korean noona in the band! :)


hye peeps..
havent seen u in a while have i?
ive been really bz the last few months and its kinda
nice to come back and see that a few people missed reading
my blog.

so i promise to write more.
and also i promise to write more interesting post.
u noe wat??
ever since i gotten really active on twitter,
i really dont see the use of blogs anymore coz
i write everything that i want on it..
but the thing about twitter is that u have to keep it short.
hahaha. so in the i would post like 3, 4 posts on twitter..
its like the some thing like a blog post la kan?
haih~ wat the heck m i rambling about?

how have u been??
ive been on a rough patch of me life
a few months ago..
everyone goes thru a rough patch rite?
but i guess im better now.
everything seems so difficult back then and
i just dont like the way i was living my life so i had to
make some changes and some hearts was unfortunately
had to be hurt. (including mine)
but all is good as im feeling better now,
*well, im getting there*
trying to surround myself with a good atmosphere.
which includes, good people, good food, good work,
good fun and good hearts. :)

so tell me about u!
wat makes u happy?
it could be anything..
a book, a painting, a certain somebody or even
ur cat.
let me noe in the comments below~ :D


ps. im also coming closer to the end of my degree..
kinda feeling sad about saying goodbye to my friends.
i usually cry like a lot when i noe im gonna be leaving friends
so im kinda trying to hold my composure for the
next 2 months. hope it works.