Friday, April 22, 2011


hye peeps..
havent seen u in a while have i?
ive been really bz the last few months and its kinda
nice to come back and see that a few people missed reading
my blog.

so i promise to write more.
and also i promise to write more interesting post.
u noe wat??
ever since i gotten really active on twitter,
i really dont see the use of blogs anymore coz
i write everything that i want on it..
but the thing about twitter is that u have to keep it short.
hahaha. so in the i would post like 3, 4 posts on twitter..
its like the some thing like a blog post la kan?
haih~ wat the heck m i rambling about?

how have u been??
ive been on a rough patch of me life
a few months ago..
everyone goes thru a rough patch rite?
but i guess im better now.
everything seems so difficult back then and
i just dont like the way i was living my life so i had to
make some changes and some hearts was unfortunately
had to be hurt. (including mine)
but all is good as im feeling better now,
*well, im getting there*
trying to surround myself with a good atmosphere.
which includes, good people, good food, good work,
good fun and good hearts. :)

so tell me about u!
wat makes u happy?
it could be anything..
a book, a painting, a certain somebody or even
ur cat.
let me noe in the comments below~ :D


ps. im also coming closer to the end of my degree..
kinda feeling sad about saying goodbye to my friends.
i usually cry like a lot when i noe im gonna be leaving friends
so im kinda trying to hold my composure for the
next 2 months. hope it works.

2 people give a shit!:

Laralia said...

so sad! bye2 study life..
welcome career life! :)

aMaeBa said...

the career life is so surreal for me. hahhaha.

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