Friday, April 22, 2011


to those who didnt noe,
i started playing gamelan for an up and coming
Malaysian artist Amirah Ali for a few months now.
it was a long process before i finally did join and performed
together as during the end of last year, i was kinda busy with
other stuff.

so eventually at the start of the new year, when i decided to
stop dancing for awhile to make way for other stuff that
i had the opportunity to do this.
and its such a great decision.

Amirah Ali is an Internationally recognized singer/songwriter
if u havent heard any of her songs,
ill post a link later down below.

its her vision to have pop music be incorporated with
world & traditional music elements.
so thats where we came in.

in the band, apart from the normal guitar, drums, and keyboards,
we have the bansuri (bamboo flute) and also the gamelan.
i also heard that Amirah is looking to introduce the Sape
into the mix. so keep an eye for that..

ive always enjoyed playing music.
(ive been playing music for 15 years.)
i also enjoy the roots and tradition of cultural music,
so this was very awesome for me to be able to be part of.
the band consist of such fun and awesome characters.
every single person is friendly and the first
day of rehearsal didnt feel awkward at all!

thanks kak Amirah for the inviting me as apart of
Asuhan Seni Gamelan Group to perform with the band.

this is Amirah Ali's fb Page.
check out the song Katakanlah and Alone Again.
my fave 2 songs of hers.


we have a Korean noona in the band! :)

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