Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day.

happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians.
I believe that this is such a great day to celebrate
and to be appreciated.
but being the first year of its initiation,
i can understand why its not relieving such a big response
from the public.

my mom complained to me about the why the big fuss about such
a day just a few weeks after Independence Day.
i got to thinking that the two holidays signify 2 very different
events and responses to the country.

one signify that the country is finally free from the grasp of
The British Rule and can finally try to stand on our own very asian feet,
( to only be a victim of international discrimination )
it also indicates the blood, sweat and tears that
many Malaysians had to go thru to gain that Independence.

Malaysia Day for me suggest a whole different meaning.
Malaysia Day would literally mean the formation of Malaysia
when Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak united.
Malaysia Day also signifies the uniting of the Malaysian
people and the lifestyle each person brings.
Malaysia Day celebrates the Malaysian integrity and tolerance.
it celebrates love and affection.
it celebrates friendship and persistence.
innovation and improvement.

Go Malaysia.
Happy Malaysia Day.