Sunday, May 30, 2010

Relay For Life '10

today turned out to be a great day for me.
as i usually participate in projects that are
plain dumb fun in nature and not so mind boggling.
this time i was determined to join
Relay For Life
a yearly initiative organised by
the Malaysian Cancer Association
(or somtin like that)
to pay tribute, celebrate and to support people who
lost their lives, are still fighting and those
who have won the battle against cancer.

it was raining heavily b4 the event.
so the field we were suppose to have the walk in was
really muddy and nasty (as vini said.)

so i decided at 4pm to go to this event.
(the event starts at 6pm)
i was actually persuaded by Marina Mahathir to join
i was unsure at that point of time,
but due to her personal invitiation,
i decided to go immediately!
i was excited and pumped!!
(anyways how could i deny an invitation
by someone i look so up to???)

so, like a crazy monkey i called
everyone who i believed would want to join and
as usual, vini and shaqyl came to the rescue.

the highlight of the day was getting to take a pic with
an all time fav actress of mine.
Lina Teoh y'all~!!!
i was giddy and all happy the whole night.
i was like a blond white fan girl screaming all night!
it was not even funny.
tak caya ask vini and shaqyl.

im so gonna do this again next year~
n ill want to stay there for the entire 16 hours.


its only rm5 ok.

yesterday i went to this event.
overall it was cool..
many activities and stuff to look at.
n i really felt it could work to bring more youths to
be involved in healthier activities.

i didnt go bcoz i thot i was cool to go.
at first, i thot this Youth '10 is so Sure Heboh-ish.
but, a dear friend (shaqyl) needed help
so i came and helped her out.
(i didnt do much if not anythin.)

all in all. it was ok.
had the worst time of my life
looking for the back door coz i
was suppose to be and exhibitor.
(had to pay rm5 je pon)
n it was just very pelik when In-Team
performed after a indie rock group.
(its not all about duniawi ok!)

go visit the Discovery Hall!
my friend sell t-shirts there.
-French For Incredibles-


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i love driving along the streets of KL at night
i feel a sense of peace.
i feel calm.
i forget that i need to go to work tomorrow.
i forget that i still have many responsibilities to settle.

The sight of KL's night skyline is soothing for me. i love KL.
i dont care that many other people cant see its beauty.
i c it in abundant.


Friday, May 21, 2010

no more dinners

i thought that it would be easier for me to post updates on my
blog as i m basically off campus and working as a trainee in Melawati.
but that is sooo not the deal i was hoping for.
i feel like i dont have time for anything now.

my zapin members are all around the place and we
cant get a decent show as there are not enuf people to perform for one.
my badminton buddies pon dh cam fed up coz i keep on blowing them off.
my work as the PR for asuhan seni pon dh ke mana tah pegi.

and by the time i get back home,
ill be pissed, angry, bitter and such in a bad mood that i dont even feel
like eating anymore.
(ok, eating is a big thing for me. i eat a lot.
not eating dinner for me is equivalent to a slow death)

im alwaiz tired.
its not like i have so much to do,
its just that i feel tired looking at the screen all day
and doing the same thing over and over again.
owh god.
im so not becoming a planner.

i so need to find a better career choice soon.
how bout a marriage counselor?
or a pimp?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Korean Pop Diva

its been awhile since i last post somtin on K-Pop.
ok, heres the thing with k-pop these days..
a few weeks ago, the k-pop scene had a rough patch due
to the bombing of the 2 naval ships in the Korean waters.
most of the music shows had to cancel their broadcasts up to like 4 weeks.

but in the past few weeks,
the k-pop scene have been graced with so many great acts
by among of the best they have to offer like

Lee Hyori (my fav),
Super Junior,
Davichi and
many more.

a brief intro about lee hyori,
she's like one of the most loved celebrity in Korea.
she first debuted as a singer as apart of the girl group fin.kl in the late 90's
but later moved on as a solo artist when the group disbanded.

H-Logic is her 4th solo album and
she has written the title song album herself.

she may seem as a diva on stage but she has proven
herself as a funny women as permanent member of the famous
tv show "family outing".

here's a vid of her latest song
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Colours of Malaysia

today is a historic day in the Malaysian calendar..
i would like to believe that we Malaysians have learnt a lot from
the past and moved on toward a better future.

unity in Malaysia is a marvelous thing.
as Marina Mahathir mentioned yesterday in The Star,
that the Malaysian government could learn a thing or two from the
youths about unity.

im proud to be Malaysian.
im proud to have such a diverse group
of which i would like to call my friends.

it does not mean that i m immune from displaying
racist actions and thoughts intentionally or unintentionally,
like the other day,
my foreign fren from Sudan said that nobody
would like to sit next to him on the Putra LRT,
i can imagine myself, (if i dont noe the guy)
doin the same thing and preferring to stand,
mostly due to the fact that i hate body odour...
im sorry i feel like that.
ill try to change.

im trying,
trying to live with it,
trying to adept,
trying to learn to accept.
that malaysia is diverse and unique.

back to the point.
there will be a open speaking session
by Anas Zubedy at the
Live and Inspire series of talks at the
(ok, i dont necessarily agree wit the
venue tp its for a good cause)
Bangsar Village 2, Bangsar, KL at 8pm

u can learn more about him and the event here.

toodles people.
Happy 1Malaysia.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Glee Flash Mob - KL Chapter.

the gleeflashmobdance was a big success.
it was all thanks to the RA team.
Zain, Dd, Shaqyl, Vinni, Andy,
Hashim, Munir, Khalil, Amelia, Jackie,
Dhuha, owh god!
theres so many names!
well, tanx to everybody and anybody who was involved!

tankiu to all of u and

the official video for the flashmob will b
shown on StarWorld either on
Tuesday or Wednesday in conjuction with the
premier of the Second part of season 2 on Starworld.

a lot of sweat and tears went into
organizing this event.
i hope everybody manage to enjoy wat the team had prepared.

hopefully future project more people would join in the fun.


::credit to jackie for the pics::

Friday, May 7, 2010

glee frenzy in KL

this week is all about glee and the KLgleeflashmob that is gonna
be held this Saturday at god noes where...

im not in the mood to write much
but ill just post some pics the crew have taken on the rehearsals.

dont stop dancing~!

im soo gonna be on tv~!

the highschool senior who didnt realise
that we were from the same school
till like a few months ago.

me with the dancing maniac, Sasha~!


::credit to Khalil Makata and M. Dhuha for the pics::

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

first experience.

a few days ago i found that on one of the blogs i write for
that somebody commented that it was as if the blog was
a personal blog where it is suppose to be not.

i realised that he/she may be right and he/she may have a point.
i acknowledge the comment and said that i would do better.

but it didnt help that wat the person said hurt.
and i was managing the blog alone where as it should be done
as a group..

im angry and sad.
i didnt feel like turning on my blog for days.
it was the first time somebody gave a
negative comment of the things i write about.