Thursday, May 13, 2010

Colours of Malaysia

today is a historic day in the Malaysian calendar..
i would like to believe that we Malaysians have learnt a lot from
the past and moved on toward a better future.

unity in Malaysia is a marvelous thing.
as Marina Mahathir mentioned yesterday in The Star,
that the Malaysian government could learn a thing or two from the
youths about unity.

im proud to be Malaysian.
im proud to have such a diverse group
of which i would like to call my friends.

it does not mean that i m immune from displaying
racist actions and thoughts intentionally or unintentionally,
like the other day,
my foreign fren from Sudan said that nobody
would like to sit next to him on the Putra LRT,
i can imagine myself, (if i dont noe the guy)
doin the same thing and preferring to stand,
mostly due to the fact that i hate body odour...
im sorry i feel like that.
ill try to change.

im trying,
trying to live with it,
trying to adept,
trying to learn to accept.
that malaysia is diverse and unique.

back to the point.
there will be a open speaking session
by Anas Zubedy at the
Live and Inspire series of talks at the
(ok, i dont necessarily agree wit the
venue tp its for a good cause)
Bangsar Village 2, Bangsar, KL at 8pm

u can learn more about him and the event here.

toodles people.
Happy 1Malaysia.

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