Sunday, August 30, 2009


as most of u who personally noe me know..
i love korean music...
especially this one girls group named
'Brown Eyed Girls'...

their latest album
is really good and i recommend people go downld it...

their first single from this album
has already top most of the charts in korea
and is still goin strong after more than a month

here is wat the wrote when the group got
no 1 on their charts...

Brown Eyed Girls scored third No. 1 song on our chart with "Abracadabra",
firmly enchanted themselves as one of the premier girl groups in Korea despite many strong competitions.
The quartet has been very successful since switching to up-tempo dance songs.
"Abracadabra" was co-composed by Rollercoaster’s Jinu (Hitch Hiker) and Lee Min Soo.
It is a fresh electronic pop dance number with BEG members' electrifying
performance and dance moves already is the talk of the town.

the girls also manage to keep their title on Soompi this week...

here ive posted a vid so
u guys could see...
its not the best one ive got
but i think its good enough...

congrats to them and hopefully more great songs are comin.


ps. post nie tok hilman... pasal dia kata nk dgr lagu nie...

ill do watever i feel like doin!

i have yet again did somtin drastic to my hair...
after 6 months of being a normal curly haired guy,
ive become a normal straight hair guy..

i think it is true that the world is full of ungrateful beings..
people who have short hair,
wants long locks...
people who have straight hair wants curly ones,
and those like me who have curly hair wants it to be straight.

how ungrateful are we?

i can see now that it is a trend that guys straighten their hair...
in the salon i went just now,
even the guy beside me was doin it,
and he had much shorter hair than i did...
as long as we're happy,
theres no harm in changing hairstyles isnt it?

but i do noe that hilman will also be straightening his hair soon,
so watchout y'alls!

cant wait to do the
'merdeka train party'

hope to be able to properly introduce myself
to Sarah,
not just laugh, like last tyme...

toodles y'all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wheels of life

today is such a weird day...
lots of drama,
lots of headaches
lots of fun....

10 words to sum up today.

1. 12.00 pm

2. dentist.

3. traffic jam

4. stress!

5. late for class..

6. One Utama

7. Manicure

8. Seoul Garden

9. Stuffed!

10. Satisfied.

tanx everybody who made today such a interesting day...


Monday, August 24, 2009

am i good or wat?

how bout it?
three movies in three days!
and its ramadhan....

Friday nite, Saturday nite and sunday afternoon
was three days of which i spent my days with three
flocks of friends...

on friday nite i went to watch Up
with mizie, hilman,
kak syaza and her bf, Faliq (if im not mistaken)
the movie was really fun and funny.
but for me the movie also stimulated a few
emotional buttons.
the story started of quite sad and ended really emotionally as well...
i enjoyed it very much.

saturday was 'I love you, Beth Cooper'
the movie was funny and stupid at some parts....
a typical chick flick if u ask me.
but watching it with my bestfriend,
it was a great nite.
and yesterday i watched Aliens In the Attic with my 2 sisters
this movie i believe was actually better
that the one i watched on Saturday
its funny, and fun
and theres also parts with decent Special Effects...

and the winner
for this weekend goes to

all in all,
great weekend!
ramadhan kot...
apa nk jadi ak nie...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

it was time.

ive known this person a few months ago and
i can honestly vow that he is a fantastic human being and muslim.
he is such a humble, kind and funny at times kinda person.
and its a shame that it was his time to be by the side of Allah...

i just saw him a few days before when we were performing during the
Satu Dunia Concert in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.
and i was so shocked to have gotten the news a few hours
after his death.

all we could do now is to pray for him and offer
our Al-Fatihah for this person who have been
fighting and promoting Islam for a very long time with his group mates..

im gonna miss his wonderful voice
(the best among a lot of singers)
and i wish great strength to his family and close friends.
and i wish that Rabbani would coninue in their journey of
enlightening minds with their music.

Thank You Ust Asri!


nope! dont eat just yet!

its ramadhan!
and u cant eat just yet...
now muslim boys and girls like me,
who eat to fill up the emptiness inside ourselves,
have to find
an alternative to feed this void...

honestly, i dont find fasting is difficult,
i look at it as an oppurtunity to do good deeds
and ofcourse,
to loose weight.

most of u guys out there would agree with me that
loosing weight during ramadhan is not so easy to do.
(nafsu tue, membuak-buak kan bile buka...)

so, in the end,
at the end of ramadhan,
most of us actually gained a few kg's.

on another note,
blogging havent been easy this month.
my uni's wireless really is the worse rite now...
and i just am to tired to blog,
everytime i get back to my room...

lets us all be better people is this blessed month.
i wish everybody a great weekend and a wonderful ramadhan...

ahlan wa ramadhan al mubarak!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Im Home!!

im finally at home after nearly a month of none stop work,
shows and meetings...


i sound like some random celebrity whos
too bz for anythin that actually matters.

so 2morrow ive got this audition at
Istana Budaya of which im like totally nervous about.
i must do well 2morrow!

Wish me luck again u guys..

yesterday was the IIUM cultural unit Promo show.
firstly i just have to say that it was raining!

the carpet we were to be dancing on was entirely wet and slippery
and i had to be extra careful not to have fallen down
as a lot of my close frens were up there watching me.

luckily nothin bad happened except for some minor misshaps.

i went on to be a really cool night.
my frens were there watching
and i had a great time hanging out
with the members of the cultural unit.

the lighting is certainly not making me any favours...
i look like i have begok...

tanx everyone for a wonderful night!

Ramadhan is comin.
hopefully my aim of losing a few kg's this year
is succesfull.

ps. al-fatihah
to a dear friend of mine Tuminah bt Paiman
as her dad past away last thursday...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

balancing a ball

things to do this week...

1. memorize all the surah the uztaz told me to hafaz...
2. discuss the analysis of economic base of Selangor with Tajul
3.start the analysis report
4. prepare for the choreography of the promo show on Friday
4.5. help the junior with the zapin...
5. perform at the promo show
6. practise the bonang
7. to be able to play the Timang Burung without any hickups
8. prepare for the audition at Istana Budaya this Sunday
9. to keep myself healthy and not fall sick in this crutial time.

nk pengsan ak nie...

i feel like anything can burst my bubble...
i feel like shouting at somebody.

somebody help me...
i want some rest.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Hanifi II

tonite is goin to be official premier
of the short movie i stared in...

everybody is welcome to the screening
tonite at the KAED Main Auditorium

and this is the dvd cover they made for the movie..

tanx for correcting my name.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


i was helping out a fren of mine
with their studio work last week...
i was kinda like a short movie of some sort
with a storyline and all...
and i was Hanafi,
one of the main characters...

i cant tell u much about the movie but
i can tell u that i had fun recording it...
it was my first time doin anythin of this sort,
and it also made me think
that maybe,
just maybe,
i could someday go for an audition at KLPac
or a small stage production somewhere...
thats like my all time dream...
to be able to perform on a stage production...

i noe ive been performing for a very long time...
but performing on a marching band and
dancing traditional dances is totally different from
doin theater.


thanx to heal for asking me
to help out with ur project,
i had fun.

u made me feel that i could possibly
go chase after my dream someday....


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


the cat that i was takin care off here in the uni
is no longer comin to the room...

i still do leave some food every night tho,
just in case....

by the next morning i could notice that
the food is reduced to a few bits and pieces...
but im not sure which cat actually ate it...

i hope she's ok.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dont touch my mallet!

gamelan class was wonderful...
there were a lot of familiar faces,
both from kaed and from the cultural groups.

and the good part was that i manage to play the
bonang (above pic)
its like the hardest gamelan instrument to play,
but im like totally ready for the challenge.

i think ive already memorized the first song that was thought that night.
'Perang' was the song called...
it was actually a song that was played everytim
a sultan or the agong came into a ceremony or some sort.

we are expected to perform in UPSI in october,
we were to reach that certain standard,
that we wouldnt embarrassed cikgu Zahir,
so im hoping for that.

i want to be really good at playing the bonang,
so wish me luck, k?



Saturday, August 1, 2009

it hurts

it hurts.

it hurts everytime i talk to her.

it hurts when i hear her voice,

i hurts when i think of her...

i hurts coz she will never noe how i feel..

i shouldnt feel this way...

i cant.

help me.