Saturday, August 22, 2009

it was time.

ive known this person a few months ago and
i can honestly vow that he is a fantastic human being and muslim.
he is such a humble, kind and funny at times kinda person.
and its a shame that it was his time to be by the side of Allah...

i just saw him a few days before when we were performing during the
Satu Dunia Concert in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.
and i was so shocked to have gotten the news a few hours
after his death.

all we could do now is to pray for him and offer
our Al-Fatihah for this person who have been
fighting and promoting Islam for a very long time with his group mates..

im gonna miss his wonderful voice
(the best among a lot of singers)
and i wish great strength to his family and close friends.
and i wish that Rabbani would coninue in their journey of
enlightening minds with their music.

Thank You Ust Asri!


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