Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its a fact! -part 4-

in conjunction with the Birthday of my blog,
i bring to u the fourth installment of
Its a Fact!

i havent done this since the 17th of May,
so as a treat for the readers,
ill do this one more time.
as i noticed that the 'its a fact!' series
is one of the most famous in my blog.

1. measuring at 8 centimeters tall,
"the Guennol Lioness" a 5000 year old sculpture from Baghdad,
is the most expensive sculpture sold ever in an auction.
it was sold at Sotheby's New York at a price of $ 57,161,000

2. in a pole taken in the US in 2001,
George W Bush was voted the most popular US president ever.
but, a follow up to the pole was done in 2008 and miraculously he got the least popular.. (emmm.. wat happened in that few years to have changed the minds of the people??)

3. The status of tomatoes is rather controversial and confusing.
botanically, it is a fruit, but based on the its usage in cooking,
for legal and import duty
purposes certain countries consider it to be a vegetable.

4. everybody noes that the USA is the largest contributor of
Carbon-Dioxide in the whole wide world, but they are also
the country which recycles paper the most.
I guess they are slowly trying to make things better, hopefully before its to late.

5. wat ever u do, dont ever decide to go to work in the industrial sector in China.
in the year 2005 alone, 73,615 people died at work,
making China the country with the most work fatalities.
China almost doubles the number of cases in the second country with the most deaths, India.

6. eventho Japan is the top manufacturer of cars in the world, the're ain't that many cars in Japan itself if compared to the numbers of cars in the USA. the USA have more then triple the number of vehicles in Japan. in total, Japan have 73,824,660 while the USA have 237,697,097. no wonder the emit so much CO2.

7. unlike most people would guess, the USA is not the country with the highest average daily fat consumption fer capita. based on the 'Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' the country which consumes the most fat daily is France.

8. before the 19th century, London, England is the first city in the world to
have a population that exceeds 1,000,000 people. but this figure was later passed
at the turn of the 19th century.

9. despite Brazil losing its forest the size of Belgium every year, Brazil still retains the world greatest area of rainforest. Brazil losses approximately 31,030 sq km per year.

10. despite all the anlene a person can drink, she will still sleep in class.

i hope u enjoy this 4th installment.

Spactic Hands.

had another training session at IB just now..
from 5pm to 10pm!
n im finally getting the hang of playing the pekin.

i just realized that we r goin to be playing 9 songs
during our show,
on the 5th this next month
which is approximately
in total would be
1hour n a half long...
(gler kejang tgn!)

its all good tho.
to be able to play my first show
playing the gamelan
in Istana Budaya isnt half bad isnt it??


::credit to fandi for the pic::

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WoOT wOOt!! YiPPee!!

its been one year since i started blogging!!
happy anniversary to me!!

sorry if u thot it would be somtin bigger...
its just to celebrate the one year since ive
started this blog thru encouragement of
my buddies..

tanx to everybody who have been with me thru
this past year n sorry for anything that ive written
that could have possibly be hurtful in anyway...

many tanx to
Sarah Iqbal,
Eizla Zalila,
(sorri, im using ur real name... hahaha)
Chien Yih,
Kak Nonie,
n many more who have been
commenting and making this blogging
idea even more interesting..

blogging is fun,
but with blogging comes many
responsibilities and challenges.

fun as it may be,
wat ive learnt the hard way
is that words can hurt if not guided in
the right direction.
in agreement with everybody,
blogging gives us a medium to say our
mind and let out some steam after
a long day at work or class.
but be weary of the words used as they can
come back later and bite u in the ass..

but thats an old story...

again i would like to say Tanx to everybody for
a wonderful year n
Happy birthday to


countdown -1

t0morrows the big day!
guessed already??

went to DBKL today,
they have such lousy customer service.
luckily we stumbled across
a really helpful and decent guy at the
Jabatan Pelan Induk.

cant wait for the big day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

countdown -2

i had a really long session at IB today...
my neck is hurting...
y m i so slow these days?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

countdown -3

3 more days..
have u guys guessed yet??

im at home..
holidays are so divine.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

countdown -4

4 more days to the big celebration.

went to watch a Mak Yong performance
at Istana Budaya entitled,
"Putera Dua Serupa"
i slept.


Friday, January 22, 2010

countdown -5

5 more days.
wat to do think it is?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wonder Women

Its been awhile since i last post somtin
about Kpop.
this is somtin i was anticipating for quite awhile.
the picture above is not of a group.
those 7 girls belongs to 3 different vocal groups
(SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara)
coming from the same record company "Mnet"
these 7 girls
(i wont even bother writing down their names,
coz u guys wont even care anyways)
are known for their strong vocals.
also recognized to be among the best in Kpop.

this is the second time these girls have gathered together
to sing a song. and last tyme the song
"Woman's Generation"
did quite well in the chart
n Mnet is hoping that they could repeat the feat.

the song has a trot (korean folk music) feel to it.
which for me is very refreshing coz, most Kpop songs these days
contains to much electronic sounds.
the song also highlights the girls vocals
n Hyomin's and EunJung's rapping abilities.
(the two on the far right of the pic)

ill include the first performance of the song
at Music Bank so that u guys can see..
i would agree that this song would not be up to the taste
of certain people, but
Go ahead! Give it a try!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maran: The Untold Story

for those who are like me,
Maran is actually a district at the heart of Pahang,
consisting of mainly FELDA settlements,
most of which are Malays.

this place have been chosen to be
the site for my last studio project in uni.
we departed for Maran at around 6o'clock on Thursday,
and arrived at the place half past 10.
the journey there was scary coz it was so dark and i couldn't spot
any sign of development at all!
i got really worried on the condition of which where we
were living for 5 days.

upon arrival at Jengka 5.
we were greeted by the Ketua Kampung
and was brought to our respective families in the Kampung.
i was brought to the house of
Hj Mohd Radzi Husin
Hjh Faridah Hasan

i wonderful 1st generation of explorers from Kedah.
they brought us in to their house with open arms and warm smiles.
i felt good!

this is our mom!
Hjh Faridah.
shes actually the same age as my mom.
but i do believe my mom looks a lil bit younger.

Tanx Makcik for taking care of Zul n Me,
staying up late waiting for us
and also cooking us dinner.

in Maran,
we had loads of activities to tend to.
among them is the session with the student of
SMK Jengka 2.

it was fun and we talk for a while,
changed phone numbers,
and took pictures.

to tell u the truth,
it was for me the best part of the whole trip.
as some of u noe,
i love talking to young kids n
i dream to become a teacher.
so, i would only be natural that i like spending time with kids kan?

boy, i sure do look fat dont i??
i need to stop stuffing my face!

the kids of group 5,
a great bunch of kids.
some are quiet,
some are load.
but all are fun people.
a few of them dream to be teachers as well.
good for them!

we also went to this...
well i have no idea wat its called.
its som sort of a stream, waterfall, picnic place
famous in Maran
i didnt go for a swim,
i just took a dip,
n mostly took pics of people.
so lame. (malas nk tukar baju)

Maran came as a surprise to me.
it was better than i expected.
i was imagining living in trees,
and having to go to a outdoor bathroom to do my business,
but i was terribly wrong
n i owe the people of Maran an apology.

as i enjoyed my time in Maran,
i would still prefer the tall building in KL rather than the
tall trees of Maran.

im still a KL boy at heart.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

im getting there.

im not so fortunate to be studying abroad like a lot of my frens
and ive always wanted to learn another language.
n finally ive manage to get off my lazy bum and joined a


yeay me!!

the class is soo fun!
the teacher is a korean lady who have been living in
KL for over 2 years.

im so happy that ive finally done this for myself.
ive alwaiz been making excuses for myself n

after only 3 weeks i can read (very slowly),
n understand a bit of korean.
mind u that i didnt noe any korean beforehand.
eventho i was very fascinated to the Korean Pop Culture,
i didnt understand one bit of the language b4.

이수마일 울짱!!!

i can write korean now!

연습이 대가를 만든다!
it means
"practice makes perfect!"


Friday, January 1, 2010


it was 4 oclock in the evening
n we still havent decided wat to do for
new tears eve!
suddenly i got a text saying

"how bout goin to PD?
are u interested?"

as any normal young adult would reply to a road trip
i said

so, 8 o'clock i was still havin dinner with aj
at the Batu Caves Giant Hypermarket.
thinking of buying some groceries for the picnic in PD.
cute kan??

so we bought the stuff n was on our merry way to pd.

(still stuck in the jam in KL)
wtf kan?

but eventually we were free from the ever ending
clutches of the man made ozone depleting contraptions
n was on the highway to PD!
yay us!!

i dont believe i drove that fast.
i just think PD is just not that far..
by 11.30 we were already in PD
but was stuck in another traffic jam
caused by the police doin a road block!
its new years eve, for goodness sake!
go have a night with ur family la kan??

but anyhow,
we had a ball spending 6 hours laying around,
eating and gossiping on the clod sandy beach.
a night to be remembered...

we drove back like 5.30 like that.
n again it took like an hour for us to reach gombak.
singgah at a mamak stall for breakfast n back in uni we were.

we are so awesome kan????!!!
tanx aj n lola for the lovely night.