Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maran: The Untold Story

for those who are like me,
Maran is actually a district at the heart of Pahang,
consisting of mainly FELDA settlements,
most of which are Malays.

this place have been chosen to be
the site for my last studio project in uni.
we departed for Maran at around 6o'clock on Thursday,
and arrived at the place half past 10.
the journey there was scary coz it was so dark and i couldn't spot
any sign of development at all!
i got really worried on the condition of which where we
were living for 5 days.

upon arrival at Jengka 5.
we were greeted by the Ketua Kampung
and was brought to our respective families in the Kampung.
i was brought to the house of
Hj Mohd Radzi Husin
Hjh Faridah Hasan

i wonderful 1st generation of explorers from Kedah.
they brought us in to their house with open arms and warm smiles.
i felt good!

this is our mom!
Hjh Faridah.
shes actually the same age as my mom.
but i do believe my mom looks a lil bit younger.

Tanx Makcik for taking care of Zul n Me,
staying up late waiting for us
and also cooking us dinner.

in Maran,
we had loads of activities to tend to.
among them is the session with the student of
SMK Jengka 2.

it was fun and we talk for a while,
changed phone numbers,
and took pictures.

to tell u the truth,
it was for me the best part of the whole trip.
as some of u noe,
i love talking to young kids n
i dream to become a teacher.
so, i would only be natural that i like spending time with kids kan?

boy, i sure do look fat dont i??
i need to stop stuffing my face!

the kids of group 5,
a great bunch of kids.
some are quiet,
some are load.
but all are fun people.
a few of them dream to be teachers as well.
good for them!

we also went to this...
well i have no idea wat its called.
its som sort of a stream, waterfall, picnic place
famous in Maran
i didnt go for a swim,
i just took a dip,
n mostly took pics of people.
so lame. (malas nk tukar baju)

Maran came as a surprise to me.
it was better than i expected.
i was imagining living in trees,
and having to go to a outdoor bathroom to do my business,
but i was terribly wrong
n i owe the people of Maran an apology.

as i enjoyed my time in Maran,
i would still prefer the tall building in KL rather than the
tall trees of Maran.

im still a KL boy at heart.


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LoLa Z. Izham said...

I would trade Saturday nite with MAran any day MAel!! HAhahah! Looks likeone hellof a good time! Ship me off to the jungle! Im a ForestLover at heart =p!

aMaeBa said...

OMG!! u r?? u got to be kidding me!! where are u gonna flaunt ur studded dresses and killer shoes?? the monkeys???

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