Friday, January 1, 2010


it was 4 oclock in the evening
n we still havent decided wat to do for
new tears eve!
suddenly i got a text saying

"how bout goin to PD?
are u interested?"

as any normal young adult would reply to a road trip
i said

so, 8 o'clock i was still havin dinner with aj
at the Batu Caves Giant Hypermarket.
thinking of buying some groceries for the picnic in PD.
cute kan??

so we bought the stuff n was on our merry way to pd.

(still stuck in the jam in KL)
wtf kan?

but eventually we were free from the ever ending
clutches of the man made ozone depleting contraptions
n was on the highway to PD!
yay us!!

i dont believe i drove that fast.
i just think PD is just not that far..
by 11.30 we were already in PD
but was stuck in another traffic jam
caused by the police doin a road block!
its new years eve, for goodness sake!
go have a night with ur family la kan??

but anyhow,
we had a ball spending 6 hours laying around,
eating and gossiping on the clod sandy beach.
a night to be remembered...

we drove back like 5.30 like that.
n again it took like an hour for us to reach gombak.
singgah at a mamak stall for breakfast n back in uni we were.

we are so awesome kan????!!!
tanx aj n lola for the lovely night.


2 people give a shit!:

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Thank YOU for layaning our craziness!!
I had a great time with you guys!!
Thank you so much you guys!!
I heart YouSS!

aMaeBa said...

haha! i suddenly noticed that the pics i took are not half bad kan??

love u too lola!

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