Sunday, October 31, 2010


unity is a strong statement and value to hold.
its a value most politicians look to gain in their people
so that the nation can work together as one entity.

in Merriam–Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms,
it states that unity is
defined as the state of being undivided or unbroken
completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

while in islam,
unity is stated as the Islamic concept
of Unity of God, often referred to as Oneness of God,
in application to humans,
inculcates in man the realisation of the oneness of the human species,
and does away with all such barriers as divide man into racial,
ethnic and colour denominations.
This gives birth to the universal concept of equality in Islam.

well, basically unity is about combining ur
power and efforts for one cause.
so, why am i talking about unity after such a long hiatus??

ahha today,
after coming back from my weekly badminton game,
i passed thru the busy streets of Kg Baru.
there gathered a whole bunch of malay football fans
who has just witnessed the final match between
the team from Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan.
who won? i have no idea. i wouldnt care less.

so, there i witnessed a bunch of malay guys in red
all standing in the middle of the street where cars are suppose
to run on but are stuck cause of the people standing there.
these people are not doing anything~
merely standing and talking and laughing
over matters i would not want to noe.

the thing was,
nobody cared that there was such a
long line of cars gridlocked
due to these people,
i wanted to honked but i grew
scared of the fact that they could
in the end beat me to death.
so i merely cursed in the car.

i find this really interesting.
why was i scared?
i was scared at the fact that i could be gang banged by this group
of football fanatics who were all clad in red with their red flags and wat not.
malays are well aware of the power of unity.
but we are not aware of the things we should unite for.
malays are united when they see a chinese guy punching a malay boy.
*not realizing that the malay boy started it first.
malays are united at the all the wrong reasons.

i wish for a day when malays could rally unite to fight for better education for our children.
i wish for one day that malays could unite in the fight against domestic abuse.
i wanna see one day that malays would unite to stand for cancer!

i just want to one day witness malays to unite as Malaysians.
i do not understand why we keep on fighting?!?
and i dont believe anybody can answer that question.

will my wish ever be a reality?