Friday, April 30, 2010


i hope the pic didnt scare u~!

ill be doing some promotional work now,
if u deem this as not worth the read,
then by all means,

u can move on with ur buzy life..
(but it would be great if u kept reading)

on the 8th of May,
KL will be hosting the Malaysian Chapter of the
Glee FlashMob
where people do a dance routine
to the many tunes of
in a organized flashmob fashion..
this flashmob have been done at several cities around
the world already
Rome and
Tel Aviv
and KL have risen to the occasion to
organize the next one.

for more info and details,
u can go to

the site also has the vids of which show the dance moves
u have to learn and memorize to join in the flashmob
i really hope to c u there~!

the pic above was taken and edited by Shaqyl,
its a part of an ad for the event.
the least she could do was to edit out all the pimples kan??


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asuhan Seni

as some of u guys noe,
im a member of the Gamelan group
"Asuhan Seni"

its not actually a group in essence,
more like a musical class.
why do i say that?
coz we learn not just how to play the instrument in this
group but also we learn the theories and foundations of
traditional music.

taken from the groups facebook account, it says

Asuhan Seni merupakan satu program di bawah anjuran Istana Budaya yang dinaung oleh 20 orang ahli yang terpilih. Di bawah tunjuk ajar oleh pemain muzik Istana Budaya sendiri, iaitu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad, kumpulan ini akan dibawa mempelajari pelbagai alatan muzik melayu, termasuklah gamelan melayu, alat-alat perkusi melayu dan lain-lain.

Objektif penubuhan Asuhan Seni ini termasuklah untuk menyebarkan dan merakyatkan seni muzik tradisional kepada generasi baru juga sebagai pelapis kumpulan Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia yang juga baru ditubuhkan baru-baru ini.

Misi Asuhan Seni adalah untuk menyebarkan seni muzik tradisional yang semakin pupus di kalangan para belia dan juga remaja. Asuhan Seni juga menjadi peranan untuk mempromosi seni muzik tradisional negara ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi.

Diharap agar melalui penubuhan ini grup Asuhan Seni berupaya untuk menghidupkan kembali kemeriahan seni muzik tradisional yang suatu masa dahulu gah di persada nusantara.

and basically we are trying now to promote our group
not only in sense of for shows
(we would love if u guys book us for show)
but also for people who are interested to learn traditional music.
our class, which are held in
Istana Budaya
every Sunday
at 10 am - 12 pm
are always open for new faces.

so, i would love ur help in spreading our name around
the town as we really need ur help.
heck, who noes, u could get somtin out of it.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Main Dengan Rakyat - Rounders

as usual,
during the last sunday of the month,

this time it was "Rounders"
the Malaysian substitute for
the game Baseball.

i played this game even when i was 10, 11 years old.
so, playing it again is a blast.
i think this could be the best MDR game ever~!

but the sad part was that there were only like 20 people
coz people keep on assuming that it is raining in Dataran Merdeka.
this is proven not true over the months as
it always rains in Gombak, Cheras, Damansara..
but it never rains at Dataran Merdeka.
maybe ada org g jumpa bomoh and prevented the rain from entering the area...

so, it was decided that MDR will be expanding its monthly games
to bimonthly.

so, 2 time per month!
on the second sunday and also the 4th~!
imagine that!
double the games, double the fun!
come and join the next one on the 9th of May


::pics credit to Umairah Arina::

ps. 200th post~! hahaha

Thursday, April 22, 2010


i learnt a new word today,
never heard of the word b4 today,
it sounds like the name of a country.
but it actually means the place where people would
leave the urns and ashes of their ancestors and dead family members..

i have seen this place many times in the tv but
i never asked anybody nor
i find it important to noe wat its name before today..
but apparently its a contributor to a lot of planning issues in Malaysia.

emm.. why?
there are three type of burial grounds in Malaysia,
there is the normal burial ground,
where people bury the dead 6 feet under.

then there is the crematorium
where a lot of u guys would already noe is
where people of certain religions would go and burn the dead into ash.
as a form of disposing the body.

and lastly we have the columbarium
which is a place where the people who have been cremated
be stored in urns and placed on proper alters.
(like in the pic above)

the problem lies in the location of the columbarium.
crematorium have never been a problem as they are mainly placed
in close proximity of burial grounds,
but this is not the case with the columbarium.
they are often applied to be build near or within
housing areas which creates discomfort towards the malay
(or even the other races)
the authorities could not create a guideline to state that the place should be placed near to a burial ground coz the function of the place could be understood to be more towards sacred ground.. but other people would still say it involves dead people. therefore should be placed near a burial ground. it was very confusing, but in the end i think they decided that the columbarium is indeed a some sort of burial ground as it stores away the ashes of dead people.

i also found that these days PBT (pihak berkuasa tempatan),
are really selfish and do not understand the severity of their actions. i saw that,
yes, they are a few of them that are very committed to their work
but they somtims forget that their actions would affect a lot of people~
and they seem proud of wasting the tax payers money.

the guy in white in the far right is En Ismail from MPSJ
i think he is a really good example of a great planner.
the words he use.
the way he interacts and
the justifications the says
shows the many years of experience he has.

in the middle,
En Awang,
he's just weird.
in a good way,
but weird.

i was in this meeting from 8am till 6.30pm
that involves the discussion to amend the
JPBD(jabatan perancangan bandar dan desa)
planning guidelines.

i had to write the minutes to the meeting.
imagine the amount of things i had to write.
my fingers a still sore.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rhythm In Bronze and Pollapo

tonite was a wonderful night..
after a long and stressful day at work
i got off at 6 and directly headed to KLCC
to watch the ever famous
"Rhythm In Bronze"
perform at the Dewan Philharmonic Orkestra.

ive always wanted to watch them perform
being a fellow gamelan player myself,
but i never knew that the RiB team consist of all female player
except for one single male.

their music is very divine and intriguing..
very dynamic, and very visual...
they were all dressed in white but i could imagine
the wonderful colours they were playing..

the RM10 pricetag they had for the tix were sooo cheap compared to the
quality of music they were playing.
i would have payed more. hahahah~

after the show,
the only thing that was in my mind was
"how the hell am i suppose to be competing with them in Terengganu???"
i wish that one day Asuhan Seni could perform at that standard...
the be able to produce that level of showmanship is awesome~!

for ur info,
the pic above shows my fav ice cream in the whole wide world...
imagine eating the ice-y kind of icecream..
(not the creamy type)
this ice-cream has ice chunks in it..
hahah~ u have to try to understand tho..
the catch is, u can only get it in a few places,
they only sell it in Korean marts or markets..
but its worth the hunt tho..

later in the night i had dinner with Vini and Shaqyl again and we
made a list of places we want to go to have a food outing together..

we made a very long list...


Monday, April 12, 2010

My Life as a Trainee.

first day of work..
working as a trainee at a Planning firm called
Iktisas Planners Snd Bhd

came to the office really early,
even the office wasnt opened yet.
waited a few minutes,
a guy let me and mushi (the other practical trainee) in.
waited sumore at the lobby
as the people from my office has yet arrived..
finally a lady from my office came...
she identified herself as the person in charge of environment...
(i have yet to noe her name...)

we then waited a bit more in the meeting room upstairs
(my office is on the 3rd floor, no elevator)
then we were greeted by the staff and work officially started.

we started off folding maps,
then we moved to binding reports,
then we had to help out with MapInfo
(is a software planners use to digitally organize and plan land uses)
we got so bz in the end,
i was actually scared to go back even tho it was already 6pm.

haha.. lets just see wat tomorrow have in store for me.
owh~! my boss is kinda garang..
i think she's actually pretty nice and
she means well..


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncle Aru

last night me, shaqyl and Vinnie went out to have the famous
Uncle Aru's tender Tandoori Chicken and his crispy butter naan.

it was a heck of a battle to get to the place.
with the mass traffic jam all over in KL and
Shaqyl's phone being dead and
have having Vinnie's Uncle to send her to the Zoo..

but we finally managed to reached the place around 9.15,
and we straight went for the food.
i ordered the tandoori, mutton masala and the garlic cheese naan.
so, crispy and cheesy and naany!
i need to bring Sarah, Lola and AJ here..
they would totally love it!

this is the cheese naan!
u sooo have to try it sometime!

and the tandoori.
very good as well.
especially with the mint sauce.

we talked all night,
i cant actually remember about wat,
but i did remember laughing a lot.
the spinach made all giddy and weird.

in the end i ordered another serving of tandoori
and another butter naan.

the kedai is somewhat a bit hard to find.
if it me alone with the task of locating that kedai,
i would probably take me an hour or 2..
its in ampang, opposite of Ampang Point.

so, next up on our culinary adventure is
to bring the girls to Sri Niara.
which the girls have no idea about,
which is very weird as they live sooo nearby.
Siti eats there for goodness sake!


::i promise to upload the pics form the photoshoot later tonite::

Friday, April 9, 2010

A little taste of freedom.

today was my last day as a third year student in Uni.
next week ill be starting my practical training at a place
where i could possibly die of nervousness...

how was the exams?

it was pretty ok i guess.
thanx to the many spot question
and study sessions at McD
i had with
K.Pah, kN, and Tum.

as usual,
i have my end of the year photo shoot at the MainStaircase of my uni.

::ill upload more pics later tomorrow::

so, as the last day of exams,
i decided to reward myself with an outing with a few friend
i met thru RA.
we decided to go to Laundry Bar to watch a few bands perform..

but b4 that,
Aris, Shaqyl and i
had our dinner at this one new Indonesian Restaurant
at the Curve, this restaurant is a famous franchise which specializes on Sunda Food.
we had the specialty Bumbu Desa Chicken, Daging Rendang and the Gado2.
it was ok la..
not like i was blown away,
just .... for me.

then we headed towards Laundry bar and ordered the
Creme Brulee.
it was the best thing i ever tasted!!!
my goodness!!

lets do it again soon ya??

Sunday, April 4, 2010

World Pillow Fight Day, KL Chapter

i had the best time today~!
it was the second time i joined in the KL Chapter
of the World Pillow Fight Day.

last year i was a participant..
had to pummel my way thru the crowd...

this year i get to be a Pillow Fight Police!

the thing i love the most about these events is that
i get to meet all the people i dont usually get to see on a regular basis..
the people who i got to noe thru these events RA organised..
good people.

thats Jackie.
shes actually one of the first people i got to noe from RA..
one of the old members of RA i guess..

this is Yun a.k.a. Didi
i got to noe her recently during the EveryoneConnects stint last year..
we were both broomers..
shes a UM student sumore...
(hi YUN! i noe ull be reading this)

this is the team i was suppose to lead..
there's nothin much to lead in a pillow fight isnt it?
u just chose a target and hit as hard as you can...
haha~we were the smallest group out of the 4..
i could see the scared faces when i said we had to go fight with each other...

there was a briefing beforehand,
at a really cool place called otak2..
their menu is in the form of a school notebook.
i actually thought the book was like a free gift or somtin..
i didnt noe it was the menu..
hahah~ silly me.

the police.

the fight.

the mess.

i had so much fun today..
i always do during RA stints..

best part of all,
meeting the people.
and making new friends.
why dont u join in the next one?


ps. ive just noticed that,
when i do cut my hair short,
my face doesnt look as fat.

::credit to Khalil Makata for the pics::

Friday, April 2, 2010

blast from the past..

yesterday i had lunch with
a few old buddies from school..
talking bout a blast from the past rite??
they all look exactly the same like 5 years back..
i think im the only one whose gone a lot wider over the years..


WaiKing will start working next week,
Jun Yen's gonna start he's practical training soon also
and Chun Yen's gonna fly off to the UK this weekend..

when did we grow up, huh??
it feels like only yesterday that
we were spending recess together..


besides the point,
im wishing all the best to the three of them,
working n studying..