Friday, April 9, 2010

A little taste of freedom.

today was my last day as a third year student in Uni.
next week ill be starting my practical training at a place
where i could possibly die of nervousness...

how was the exams?

it was pretty ok i guess.
thanx to the many spot question
and study sessions at McD
i had with
K.Pah, kN, and Tum.

as usual,
i have my end of the year photo shoot at the MainStaircase of my uni.

::ill upload more pics later tomorrow::

so, as the last day of exams,
i decided to reward myself with an outing with a few friend
i met thru RA.
we decided to go to Laundry Bar to watch a few bands perform..

but b4 that,
Aris, Shaqyl and i
had our dinner at this one new Indonesian Restaurant
at the Curve, this restaurant is a famous franchise which specializes on Sunda Food.
we had the specialty Bumbu Desa Chicken, Daging Rendang and the Gado2.
it was ok la..
not like i was blown away,
just .... for me.

then we headed towards Laundry bar and ordered the
Creme Brulee.
it was the best thing i ever tasted!!!
my goodness!!

lets do it again soon ya??

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Scarred Soul said...

Hey, I point to that makan place when waiting for kak Wawa from the loo petang tadi!!


aMaeBa said...

haha. makanan dia takda la sedap sgt pon...

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