Thursday, April 22, 2010


i learnt a new word today,
never heard of the word b4 today,
it sounds like the name of a country.
but it actually means the place where people would
leave the urns and ashes of their ancestors and dead family members..

i have seen this place many times in the tv but
i never asked anybody nor
i find it important to noe wat its name before today..
but apparently its a contributor to a lot of planning issues in Malaysia.

emm.. why?
there are three type of burial grounds in Malaysia,
there is the normal burial ground,
where people bury the dead 6 feet under.

then there is the crematorium
where a lot of u guys would already noe is
where people of certain religions would go and burn the dead into ash.
as a form of disposing the body.

and lastly we have the columbarium
which is a place where the people who have been cremated
be stored in urns and placed on proper alters.
(like in the pic above)

the problem lies in the location of the columbarium.
crematorium have never been a problem as they are mainly placed
in close proximity of burial grounds,
but this is not the case with the columbarium.
they are often applied to be build near or within
housing areas which creates discomfort towards the malay
(or even the other races)
the authorities could not create a guideline to state that the place should be placed near to a burial ground coz the function of the place could be understood to be more towards sacred ground.. but other people would still say it involves dead people. therefore should be placed near a burial ground. it was very confusing, but in the end i think they decided that the columbarium is indeed a some sort of burial ground as it stores away the ashes of dead people.

i also found that these days PBT (pihak berkuasa tempatan),
are really selfish and do not understand the severity of their actions. i saw that,
yes, they are a few of them that are very committed to their work
but they somtims forget that their actions would affect a lot of people~
and they seem proud of wasting the tax payers money.

the guy in white in the far right is En Ismail from MPSJ
i think he is a really good example of a great planner.
the words he use.
the way he interacts and
the justifications the says
shows the many years of experience he has.

in the middle,
En Awang,
he's just weird.
in a good way,
but weird.

i was in this meeting from 8am till 6.30pm
that involves the discussion to amend the
JPBD(jabatan perancangan bandar dan desa)
planning guidelines.

i had to write the minutes to the meeting.
imagine the amount of things i had to write.
my fingers a still sore.


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