Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncle Aru

last night me, shaqyl and Vinnie went out to have the famous
Uncle Aru's tender Tandoori Chicken and his crispy butter naan.

it was a heck of a battle to get to the place.
with the mass traffic jam all over in KL and
Shaqyl's phone being dead and
have having Vinnie's Uncle to send her to the Zoo..

but we finally managed to reached the place around 9.15,
and we straight went for the food.
i ordered the tandoori, mutton masala and the garlic cheese naan.
so, crispy and cheesy and naany!
i need to bring Sarah, Lola and AJ here..
they would totally love it!

this is the cheese naan!
u sooo have to try it sometime!

and the tandoori.
very good as well.
especially with the mint sauce.

we talked all night,
i cant actually remember about wat,
but i did remember laughing a lot.
the spinach made all giddy and weird.

in the end i ordered another serving of tandoori
and another butter naan.

the kedai is somewhat a bit hard to find.
if it me alone with the task of locating that kedai,
i would probably take me an hour or 2..
its in ampang, opposite of Ampang Point.

so, next up on our culinary adventure is
to bring the girls to Sri Niara.
which the girls have no idea about,
which is very weird as they live sooo nearby.
Siti eats there for goodness sake!


::i promise to upload the pics form the photoshoot later tonite::

2 people give a shit!:

AJ said...

YES YOU DO! i L-O-V-E naan! :D

aMaeBa said...

yes! as soon as possible!
n its only open at night.

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