Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream come true.

hello everyone!
it has been awhile hasn't it?a lot has happened.
and above all is that ive graduated UNI!!! hooray to me!!
and second, is that ive started working in a school as a teacher!!

even though ive failed to get myself chosen as a Teach for Malaysia fellow,
ive decided i wont say no to my dream to become a teacher.
i feel strongly about the profession therefore, nothing would be stopping me.
yeah, i know that after 5 long years of studying for myself to be an
urban planner may seem as a waste, but nothing is a waste when u are
intelligent enough to use what u have learnt in a different context than
it is usually used.

as ive learnt in planning is that an action should always
be supported by goals and objectives. therefore proper steps can be formalized to
achieve the goal intended. this is something the teaching profession have been
doing for the longest time. so, no worries there.

planning also have taught me the benefits of being able to understand a lot of things
outside of my comfort zone. as the saying goes, a planner is a jack of all trades.
that is also very important in teaching.

i m currently employed as a Malay Language and computer teacher in
Sri Utama schools. it is a private school located in Sri Rampai, near to wangsa maju.
a lot have warned me about the difficulty teaching in a private school
and i do agree but it is nothing out of the ordinary.
my brief experience teaching a government school is no different.
yes, some students are naughtier than other but any school is the same.
i m enjoying my first 2 weeks here.
and i can see myself working here for many more years to come.
wish for the best and hope all is well.

so tell me,
are u on the path u see yourself in 20 years?
are u scared to take that leap?
whats holding u back?
share with me in the comments below.


Monday, May 30, 2011


its gonna be a slow month this blog..
i dont think i would post stuff as much as i should be.
doing my final project paper.
still loads more to do and im starting to get mad.

so plz bare with me and if ur bored, browse thru
the earlier post ive posted years ago.

could u plz share with how u cope with stress of
sudden work overload??


Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations ~ (^.^)v

ive attended loads of weddings before,
but never of a friends wedding,
and surely nothing of this scale..

some of u might have already known that ive been
playing the gamelan for a singer called Amirah Ali..
and tanx to her that ive had the opportunity to perform
on many stages around KL where i couldnt even dream of to
performing before.

so just now i attended her wedding to Mr. Patrick Treback
at the Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya which was such a spectacle
it puts the Merdeka Day Parade to shame! (as the MC stated)

the only pic i manage to sneak in with the newlyweds.
they were so busy..
i was kinda feeling sorry to stop them in their tracks.

the food was awesome!!
i loved the lamb and the char kuey tiow!!
its was sort of like a garden wedding so mostly the younger generation
opted of the standing portion of the dining area.

Patrick who is a music lecturer in UiTM
even did a quick performance on stage
playing some smooth jazzy/soulful music.

as like any person holding a camera,
we would take pics of ourselves
while secretly hoping that everybody could be seen in it.

in the middle of the courtyard stands two tents/gazebos
that holds a gamelan team in one tent and a fusion indian music groupin the other..
they were the one who kept the music going while the people were eating their
way to diabetes earlier on.

this is a pic of the frontal view of the event.
i honestly thot there was two separate events goin on!
i was so shocked at the scale of the wedding reception.

we even manage to take pics with Patrick's parents
who for the first time has flown to Asia from the US..
they were such lovely and friendly people~

it was such a marvelous reception,
and i was so fortunate to have been able to share the night
with the lucky couple.
tanx for inviting me kak!
and may u have a wonderful future with Patrick.
one that is lived with heart and soul.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Choices = Dreams.

according to Brain Tracy, There are four types of decisions, although they can be expressed in different ways. He who often uses enumerated lists in his talks, breaks them down into:

1. Command decisions,
which can only be made by you, as the "Commander in Chief"; or owner of a company.

2. Delegated decisions,
which may be made by anyone, such as the color of the bike shed,
and should be delegated, as the decision must be made but the choice is inconsequential.

3. Avoided decisions,
where the outcome could be so severe
that the choice should not be made, as the consequences can not be
recovered from if the wrong choice is made.
This will most likely result in negative actions, such as death.

4. "No-brainer" decisions,
where the choice is so obvious that only one choice can reasonably be made.

a man is always defined on the decision that he/she makes.
we may not agree with this point but it is true.
a person who will always be seen as an asshole because u decided he is to be an asshole.
therefore he will always be an asshole until u decide to change ur decision.

i m always scared to make decisions as i always been very analytical.
i think of the recuperation of my actions so that that action would come back and bite
me on the ass.
luckily ive been very fortunate to have not made any decisions that
ive deemed very regretful.
well, maybe one, but that decision has mostly made me the person who i am today
so, i cant blame it that much :D

ok, on with the blog post.
i m currently on my last couple of months of uni
and im scared..

im scared to make decisions of the future.
ive no idea of what to do.
ive asked friends of why i m feeling this way
and the usual answer is that is normal to feel this way when ur a fresh graduate.
but im kinda reluctant of that answer.

ive always been the person who is sure of my path.
but im kinda stuck rite now.
therefore this feeling im feeling rite now is very foreign to me,


im not sure whether to bury myself in the urban planning field..
im not sure if i should carry on with the thought of stepping into stage performing..
im not even sure if im worthy of becoming a teacher as i would love to be..

everyone wants to succeed.
to have success in their hands and be happy.
i want to have the same thing.
n i thot ive figured everything already.
ive always thot i would work as a teacher until im 30 before i get married
have plenty of kids and go on trips to europe every few years..
and earn my masters degree and later open my own arts centre or book store.



i wonder whats my next step is..
tell me whats ur next step in life and what is ur dream.
leave it in the comments below.
i would love to noe..


ps. im currently suppose to finish my project paper (like a thesis)
but i think coz im so scared of what might happen,
i think im sabotaging myself and moving so slowly with my work.
ya allah, help me.
to you i seek for guidance.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


my blackberry is crap.
yesterday it decided to go die on me and
i m now left with a newly bhot rm88 samsung phone.
*dont get jealous yaw, it has a flashlight.*

i feel a bit weird to have to press a button 3 times
to type a certain letter. XD
hahaha. no wonder i didnt send a lot of sms's in the past.

so now my phone is at the workshop,
still waiting for the call to tell me whats wrong with it.
the guy said it would atleast take a week.
and thats only to identify whats wrong with it!!

why la i had to buy a blackberry??
i should have just bhot an iphone!!

again i would like to say


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Youtube.

today i just wanna share something ive really enjoy doing for the past year.
watching vlogs on Youtube.

According to Pilkington, Ed (2009),
Video blogging, sometimes shortened to vlogging (pronounced 'vlogging', as opposed to 'v-logging') or vidding or vidblogging is a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Internet television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. It is also a very popular category on YouTube.

i find vlogs very entertaining.
these people are funny and its fun watching them acting all goofy
and silly for us. so here are some of my favourite vlogers to watch daily.

1. Olga Kay
Olga Kay is my fav vlogger and this is why.
she is just the most adorable and loving person ever!
shes funny, shes lovely, she has a really obese cat called Mooshka and she Russian!!
but i honestly would add that i believe she is not to everyones taste as
people would be a bit skeptical of my interpretation of funny but
for all i noe, her house mates and her daily struggles are hilarious!

2. iJustine
iJustine is long running vlogger who has literally i guess made videos about everything.
this girl is also heaps funny and not to mention gorgeous!.
what facinates me the most about her is her thick skin.
i dont think she is ever embarrassed over anything!
she could follow her sister to class, make prank phone calls to Apple store asking for papperoni pizza and many more silly things.

3. Tobuscus (Toby Turner)
an then theres this guy. a great personal friend of iJustine,
(actually i would think that they are dating.)
this guy talks in the speed to lightning!

4. Community Channel (Natalie Tran)
natalie tran is the first ever vlogger ive subscribed to and the first ever vlogger
i ever watched. she is of Vietnamese decent and her family has migrated to
Australia. ive always loved the sound of a Australian accent therefore i love listening to her
talk. what is awesome about her vlogs is that she talks about such random things.
from the feeling of long forgotten diaries and how she hates that people replaces the need for a
wiping cloth with their hands. this is a must watch.

5. Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine)
craig is a musician. i famous one (if i might add) in the youtube community.
but he also makes really awesome vlogs.
his vlogs always starts with some sort of news from some part of the world and then he
gives his comments about it (usually painfully funny)

i hope u guys would give these people some
love and subcribe to them on YOutube.
if u enjoy watching vlogs and i didnt mention them here
*even tho i do watch and subscribe to dozens of youtubers,
do link them up in the comments below and tell me who is your fav vlogger.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Candy anyone?

According to Pruitt D.G., Parker J.C. & Mikolic J.M.

Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one's conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. The property of being easily annoyed is called petulance, and something which annoys is called a nuisance.

so i get annoyed easily. when i get annoyed over one matter it makes it
that much easier for me to get angry on the matters that ive mentioned in my last post.
but it does not mean that im always pissed.
yes, i get angry but one trait does not define who i am.
people are much more complex that to be defined or classified in a single group is just silly.
nor can a person be defined over an action that he/she has decided to do on
one particular day. its much harder than that.

but dont get me wrong, a person must still know how to differentiate between the
good and the bad. the Quran has stated that once a person has reached the point of
baligh (maturity) that he should be able to decide for himself what should or should not
be done. therefore he must be accountable for his actions.

but that is different topic all together.
that may involve crime, sin and judgement.
who m i to talk about that right?
i m just a person who wished he took a degree in Law. T.T

i dont like to judge a person without actually knowing the person.
i see that happening sooooOOO often these days.
in the internet, on the newspaper, its everywhere!
kids are fighting over stuff i dont even understand
how it could be a problem in the first place.

for example,
theres this girl group who is trying to debut in Malaysia called

from what ive read,
they strive to be seen as a Kpop-ish Malaysian Group (Mpop)
they came out with a teaser poster awhile ago and
it is seen that the girls sport matching outfits mimicking groups like
4Minute, Girls Day and such..

the problem lies with the bad reception they are getting from people
all over the country.
people are saying that
1. they are wearing such skimpy outfits that puts Malaysia to shame.
2. why do we need a kpop-ish group in malaysia anyway?
3. that the girls are short and ugly.

i personally dont have a problem with the group.
who knows?!
they could be good.
its not like they have come out with music yet to be judging them so harshly.
i dont think its a problem with what they are wearing,
yeah, i get that its a bit skimpy, but come on people,
have u seen the girls in Malaysia these days?? this is actually kinda not so bad..
come on malaysia, dont tell me you havent seen worse.
dont be a hypocrite.

and i understand why a production company is going with this..
kpop these days is making huge money worldwide.

kpop sells.
the industry generates a lot of money.
why not take full advantage of it?
beside, its not like the Malaysian music industry is going anywhere right?
this could make for good competition.
*who noes, im being optimistic again*
come on people dont be stupid and start judging
things that we have yet to have any knowledge about.
learn to give things a try.
if u still dont like them after giving them a go,
then u can return to the comforts of your akademi fantasia tu.. *pfft!*

so what do you think of this kpop-ish group?
do you think they deserve the shit they are getting?
or do you think they deserve some slack?
let me know in the comments below.

toodles! :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Things I Really Hate

1. I hate people who cant properly stop their vehicles before the yellow box
at intersections until the point that they cant even see the red light turn green
and the people have to honk to make him go!
as u may assume, i have road rage.

2. I hate it when relatives think i that im a smart and great student coz i noe im not
and i really was one i would still not tell any of my relatives coz they would totally
not be discrete about it and the whole clan would be expecting so much.. but the
root of the problem is still the fact that im stupid. yes.

3. i hate packing and moving. it doesnt matter when i am moving from nor where i am moving too, i always end up not finding things that are important! and it is really a problem coz i
have so much stuff and most of it are not even mine, (its borrowed) and i need to return them but i cant find where ive put it. so yeah. stress.

4. i hate that throughout all my life that people think that i good in english. to tell u the truth
i would only call myself mediocre at best. its either this people have really low standards or they really dont understand english that well at all.

5. i hate that friends think that people should act bitchy as appose to being fake. i understand that being bitchy is fun and the world would be so less interesting without people like that, but in truth, these people are just there to create lies and conflict. nothing is really gained from acting like that.

6. i hate when people say. "are u the youngest of ur siblings?"
and continued by saying "aahh, no wonder" when i say yes. wat the F is that suppose to mean?
did u do some research on the parallel similarities of youngest born child in the family that we have this traits that makes us deemed similar?

7. i hate it when people who im not really close with say that they noe me.
i especially hatex2 it when the thing that they say they "know" about me is wrong...
i dont say to people that i noe them well even if i do coz people change. and things that they do also change. the only being that noes that individual well enuf to say that is GOD and ur mom.

8. i hate people who cant understand that i love doing stuff on my own and i dont rely on people to have fun. i have my own set of stuff that i love to do and i believe everyone does. its just that i enjoy spending some time with myself. preferably with really great internet excess.

9. i hate people complaining that. i hate that i tend to complain as well.
complaining wont get you anywhere. especially if u complain about somebody
behind their back. i noe somebdy like that and i honestly wish he would
just die being role over by a steam roller. that is how annoyed i am of these people.
why do that? why do I do that?

10. i hate backbiters. if u dont like me. fine. enough. i honestly do not care. but why
spread hate to the world? if u really want to one up me u could simple just approach me?
im not that scary. im just relatively mean. i can understand that people could not be
friends with everybody they come in contact with. that would just be a miracle. but
spreading hate like that is just a low blow. its disgusting and not to mention sinful.

there u have it.
10 of the things i hate.
i have more tho.
but its the kind of hate i can still live with.
so, tell me about what u hate.
leave a comment down below.


Monday, May 2, 2011

cotton candy pop

its been awhile since ive did a review on my
favourite beats and sounds at the moment.
so thats what im want to do today..
so first up is the song

"Pink Rocket"
from the group
Dal Shabet

this is relatively a new group in the kpop
scene as they kinda debuted earlier this
year and this song being their second title single.
what makes me actually hating myself for loving this song is
due to the simplistic nature of the song.
if u actually listen to the instrumental
version of the song which i downloaded,
the song has really simple beats
*except for the raping part.*
but i guess thats the reason why this song is in the
top 7 song of the Inkigayo song chart..
even being such a young group.

another song that i really enjoy at the moment is a song by my favourite
kpop group. this song is a very recent song and has only been realised last weekend.

After School

this song has resulted in the group for the first time since a year
ago to be able to perform together.
throughout the whole year this group has been doing solo and
individual promotions and in their official twitter account has mentioned that
that they have really missed performing together and have been working hard
for thier comeback performances.
this song is penned by Danshi Dance who also wrote the
song "Haru Haru" by Big Bang.
and comprises of a subtle piano melody.
simply put, i love this big group of hot ladies and watever they
come out with, I WILL LOVE!

the next song that im totally in love is a song that
i actually gave little attention to before but fell head over heels when
Hailey Reinhart sang it during last weeks American Idol

"Rolling In the Deep"

im totally loving her voice
*ive been in love with her voice even before this song, dont get me wrong*
i can totally understand where this song come from...
it makes me feel angry and hurt..
and gives me this sensation of reminiscing old memories,
its like so weird. XD

but yeah,
this song its not as complex as many
of the electronic sounds out there...
*sorry J.Lo, im pointing to you*
but i guess its nice to give your head a rest from all that
music that revolves around it being visual.
this song as Adele has put
to be music for the ears not for the eyes..

so yeah.
thats it for my top songs at the moment.
what song makes u feel good these days?
let me know in the comments below.


ps. changed the layout of my blog
got tired of the layout that has remained unchanged for 2 years.
*plus my friend told me to change it.
ive gone with a minimalistic approach to my blog, u dig?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Skyscrapers in a Kampung

Last year my neighbor sold their land to a local developer.
they were the first one to give in to the stress of living in Kg Baru
*i dont find it stressful pon actually.. but well..*

they were the first one to do so from out street.
we were actually shocked that they did as they didnt tell
any of the neighbors of their plans..
i know its kinda stressful to be living in this part of town..
with all the promises from the government,
and the way politicians talked on the news as if the people living
here are social outcasts and dumb..

but hey!
who ever listens to politicians nowadays right?
so screw them..

but what to do, they moved..
*in a hurry i might add*
and the sad thing was that they had a really cute and loving cat..
named "Janggut".

they didnt bring him along.
they left him here.

my mom who is a cat lover was shocked at how
heartless my neighbors (ex-neighbor) were..
everyday for a few months, the cat would wait in front of the
door and call for the door to be opened so he could go in.
it was heartbreaking...
my mom would occasionally go next door
and leave a plate of cat food so that
the cat wouldnt literally die waiting infront of
the door waiting for his owner to come back.
but now, a year later,
Janggut mostly live in our compound as
the house next door was demolished to make way for
a 50 floor service apartment!!

which brings us to the main story of why
i m so angry right now..
first of all, the property next door is not that large in the first place.
how can they decide to make a service apartment??
plot ratio out the window???
second, the lot is like 2 metres from a residential land.
literally 2 metres from the structure of the house!
imagine the damage the construction of a 50 storey building would do!?

so today,
the people from the developer came to look at the house and take
pictures of the house before any construction would take place.
i guess they want to use it as reference when we would sue the ass
out of them if anything wrong would happen to the house...
*hopefully no construction worker falls down and break his neck on our Astro disk*

so yeah,
why do we need to have a 50 floor building in Kg Baru?
why is Kg Baru under so much ridicule in the first place?
this place is a historical landmark for Malays in Malaysia.
it has come to its 111th anniversary this year..
and this is the only place to see traditional
Malay houses in Kuala Lumpur nowadays.
everyday i see tourist walking about the streets looking at the houses
that the politicians so called rundown houses.
i feel insulted that the politicians still cant grasp
the idea of preservation and conservation
within that little brain of theirs.

but yeah,
i love this place.
i was born here,
i was raised here.
i shed tears here.
ive lost blood here.
this is my home.
and it was my great grandfathers home.
but i have a feeling that i wont be
able to raise my children here.

everybody is fond of where they come from,
as do i..
and everybody has their very own special
reason as to why its extra special..
for me mine is special because this
is the house *that as i mention just now*
that my great grandfather built almost a 100 years ago.
what special about where u come from?
tell me in the comments below.
i would love to read about it.