Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Choices = Dreams.

according to Brain Tracy, There are four types of decisions, although they can be expressed in different ways. He who often uses enumerated lists in his talks, breaks them down into:

1. Command decisions,
which can only be made by you, as the "Commander in Chief"; or owner of a company.

2. Delegated decisions,
which may be made by anyone, such as the color of the bike shed,
and should be delegated, as the decision must be made but the choice is inconsequential.

3. Avoided decisions,
where the outcome could be so severe
that the choice should not be made, as the consequences can not be
recovered from if the wrong choice is made.
This will most likely result in negative actions, such as death.

4. "No-brainer" decisions,
where the choice is so obvious that only one choice can reasonably be made.

a man is always defined on the decision that he/she makes.
we may not agree with this point but it is true.
a person who will always be seen as an asshole because u decided he is to be an asshole.
therefore he will always be an asshole until u decide to change ur decision.

i m always scared to make decisions as i always been very analytical.
i think of the recuperation of my actions so that that action would come back and bite
me on the ass.
luckily ive been very fortunate to have not made any decisions that
ive deemed very regretful.
well, maybe one, but that decision has mostly made me the person who i am today
so, i cant blame it that much :D

ok, on with the blog post.
i m currently on my last couple of months of uni
and im scared..

im scared to make decisions of the future.
ive no idea of what to do.
ive asked friends of why i m feeling this way
and the usual answer is that is normal to feel this way when ur a fresh graduate.
but im kinda reluctant of that answer.

ive always been the person who is sure of my path.
but im kinda stuck rite now.
therefore this feeling im feeling rite now is very foreign to me,


im not sure whether to bury myself in the urban planning field..
im not sure if i should carry on with the thought of stepping into stage performing..
im not even sure if im worthy of becoming a teacher as i would love to be..

everyone wants to succeed.
to have success in their hands and be happy.
i want to have the same thing.
n i thot ive figured everything already.
ive always thot i would work as a teacher until im 30 before i get married
have plenty of kids and go on trips to europe every few years..
and earn my masters degree and later open my own arts centre or book store.



i wonder whats my next step is..
tell me whats ur next step in life and what is ur dream.
leave it in the comments below.
i would love to noe..


ps. im currently suppose to finish my project paper (like a thesis)
but i think coz im so scared of what might happen,
i think im sabotaging myself and moving so slowly with my work.
ya allah, help me.
to you i seek for guidance.

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