Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations ~ (^.^)v

ive attended loads of weddings before,
but never of a friends wedding,
and surely nothing of this scale..

some of u might have already known that ive been
playing the gamelan for a singer called Amirah Ali..
and tanx to her that ive had the opportunity to perform
on many stages around KL where i couldnt even dream of to
performing before.

so just now i attended her wedding to Mr. Patrick Treback
at the Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya which was such a spectacle
it puts the Merdeka Day Parade to shame! (as the MC stated)

the only pic i manage to sneak in with the newlyweds.
they were so busy..
i was kinda feeling sorry to stop them in their tracks.

the food was awesome!!
i loved the lamb and the char kuey tiow!!
its was sort of like a garden wedding so mostly the younger generation
opted of the standing portion of the dining area.

Patrick who is a music lecturer in UiTM
even did a quick performance on stage
playing some smooth jazzy/soulful music.

as like any person holding a camera,
we would take pics of ourselves
while secretly hoping that everybody could be seen in it.

in the middle of the courtyard stands two tents/gazebos
that holds a gamelan team in one tent and a fusion indian music groupin the other..
they were the one who kept the music going while the people were eating their
way to diabetes earlier on.

this is a pic of the frontal view of the event.
i honestly thot there was two separate events goin on!
i was so shocked at the scale of the wedding reception.

we even manage to take pics with Patrick's parents
who for the first time has flown to Asia from the US..
they were such lovely and friendly people~

it was such a marvelous reception,
and i was so fortunate to have been able to share the night
with the lucky couple.
tanx for inviting me kak!
and may u have a wonderful future with Patrick.
one that is lived with heart and soul.


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