Monday, July 27, 2009

this is getting worrisome.

i honestly didnt think that it would be this hard to keep
a steady output of blog updates when im back in the uni,
but this is getting ridiculous.

i just dont have time..

owh btw the Brown Eyed girls did their
comeback performance at Inkigayo today,
it was soooooooooo awesome!!!

im such a big fan,
its almost sad.

u can see their
performance by clicking



Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i found the latest single from Brown Eyed Girls such a hit in the making.
it sounds fresh!
it sounds great!
it sounds new!
it sounds like Justin Timberlake?

the song is called...
im not actually sure why its called that coz
i dont really understand much Korean.
but thankfully
they are still carrying on with their signiture electronica sounds
but it sound soooo much current and is such a
fresh breath of air from all the Kpop act now.

ill try and upload the track later in the week
as i dont have the time just yet.
but ill try my best.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

lets have a good start.

to tell u the truth this is the first time
i spent this long away from this blog...
a total of 6 whole days!!
i suprise even myself.

so, the semester has started..
classes are scary this sem...
'Planning Decision Support System'
is looking at me with much detest.
'Planning Techniques' is also scaring me,
i could sense that it will bite me in the a** later in the sem.

i went to watch Harry Potter last Thursday.
i honestly couldnt comment much,
i just thought that it could have been better.
but who am i to critic a hollywood movie.

my ultimate goal this sem is to do better in my grades.
so i hope i cant do it,
coz i also have other duties and responsibilities to the uni...

cant say much about that.

i totally love my new room this year.
its on level 2,
near to the water cooler,
close to the stairs,
and also the toilet.
theres also a really cute kitty which i feed every night.
(i even bought packets of cat food)
i could sense the cat growing up to be really fat.


i could sense myself growing fat.


Monday, July 13, 2009

oh well...

im now in uia...
borink sungguh..
nk cuti lagi...

oh well.


Friday, July 10, 2009

here and there.

today has been a tiring day.
nothin much to it.
went there,
go here,
collect that,
buy this.
pretty much the usual.

but i did
cut my hair today.
now i look much more human than i used to.

i like it.

now i dont have to worry of hair going up my nose.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

robbers are we not?

as a former teacher and future one as well...(insyallah).
i do believe that changing back the teaching medium to BM is a mistake.

Berjuta ringgit telah dihabiskan utk
1. Buku2....
2. Khursus untuk guru
3. Khursus untuk pelajar
4. Alat bantu belajar.
5. Dll.

sekarang, pergi ke mananya duit itu?
poket politician?

we cannot expect the student to come up with fantastic and
marvelous results on the exams.

yes, they will be not so great but think of the future.

and remember this,
english has only been used for 6 years...
wat can we see?
coz the students who were the pioneers of the
programme are NOT even done with their studies yet!!

we already saw BM as the teaching medium for 30-40 years!
and have we saw any major scientific marvel that came from it???

yeah2... we have KLCC and KLIA... blah3..
(it was captained by a foreigners for goodness sake.)
Stop being so proud!

its a shame that they decided to do this.

the whole teaching community in my school is very much angry with this decision.
so i dont see where the problem is.

the teachers are liking it, the students enjoy it,
the parent are excepting it. i just dont see the problem.

“They decided to buckle under the pressure from the Malay nationalists who argue that by teaching students in English you are neglecting the position of the national language,”
said James Chin, a political commentator.

good things come when we are patient.
good things will come in the future.
the standard of English will improve,
as the student dont have a choice to do otherwise.

nnt bila masuk university, merangkak la nk blaja english balik...
bodoh punya org, dh elok2 buat english, pegi tukar blk.

it is ridiculous to say that Malaysia will lose its national language.
that is just ignorant and stupid.
people still will use BM for their daily use.

stupid la.
ada ke org nnt ckp,
'yes my darling, kan u put some extra budu in that?'
(ye cik adek, boleh tak letak budu lebih sket?)

'miss, where can i find the Japanese slippers?'
(adik, kat mana le saya carik selipar jepun?)

boleh kew?
logic kew point derang tue?

boleh ke kita hilang identiti Malaysia dgn belajar dlm English?
cuba fikir betul2...
u'll know the answer in ur heart.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lets GO!

it has been 3 months and im pretty pumped up to start the new semester.
im nervous,
im anxious,
im ready to go.

it has been a really fun ride,
the last 3 months.
ive done a lot of stuff,
and been to a lot of places.
met a lot of new people,
tried new things.

but i miss my friends already.
time to start slugging my way thru another semester.
hopefully it goes better this time.

i have a lot of things to look forward this sem.
i got Gamelan,
i got IPAC,
and most importantly i got a new perspective on my studies this year.

5 more days of freedom.


Monday, July 6, 2009


as promised,
i said i wanted to comment stuff i like from Korea.
so this time i just wanna share this movie i found
which is very funny and worth the time..
but im sure a few of you would have already seen this.

so the title of the movie is
among the cast are
Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Ah In and Choi Ji Ho

and was released on November 13, 2008.

some of you will recognise
Joo Ji hoon from the series 'Princess Hours'
as Prince Lee Shin
and Kim Jae Wook from the series 'Coffee Prince'
as No Sun-Ki the Japanese talking pancake maker.

ok, so the movie is mostly about the struggles of Jin-Hyuk (Ji Hoon)
the owner of a cake shop called 'Antique'
to tell u the truth, the shop is only named so
because they serve cakes on antique plates.
Jin-Hyuk was kidnapped as a child and was badly traumatised.
but he doesnt recall anythin from the incident.
the only thing he could remember was that the kidnapper
would feed him cakes everyday.
using this bit of info,
after 20 years,
he decided to open a cake shop to lure the yet to be caught kidnapper.

i cant tell you too much, can i?
if not i would spoil it for u...

the movie also tell the story of the workers at the cake shop.
like the chef Sun-Woo,
who is gay and once confessed this love
to Jin-Hyuk when they were schooling together..
his story revolves around the fact that his live had change
since the rejection and how he has never been rejected since.

then there is the former boxing champion, Ki Beom
who can no longer box due to an injury
and now is under the wing of Sun-Woo to become a top pastry chef.

and also the klutzy Soo Yeong who's family works for Jin-Hyuk.
so making Soo Yeong a childhood friend of Jin-Hyuk.
He is in love with Sun-Woo though he thinks Sun-Woo doesn't feel the same way

The film was exhibited at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2009.
As the movie is depicted from a Japanese manga,
the names have been change into Korean names but still
maintaining the original storyline and plots.

so, its totally worth to spend a quite night
to watch this quite amuzing movie.
with its animated characters and steady pace.
im sure many of u will find this movie quite intersting.
it can easily be found in youtube.

so, watcha waiting for?
go check it out!

::tanx to Amir for the heads up!::

Saturday, July 4, 2009


it has been a really memorable day.
my all time dream
was to one day,
be able to perform in front of a live audience at Istana Budaya.

at one point i actually gave up on that dream as i thought it was to big of a dream.
but now i realize that no dream is too big for u to dream of.

i performed at Istana Budaya,
as a backup dancer for Rabbani
a dance called 'Tarian Munajat'

ive performed this dance before for Rabbani at the
Maulidur Rasul concert earlier this year,
so it was not a hard dance for me to do.
Rabbani has also asked us to perform the dance later in the
'Satu Dunia' concert in August.

we were told to be at the rehearsal at 10am this morning.
but unfortunately we only got on the stage at around 12.30pm.

there was another rehearsal in the evening.
it was suppose to start at 2.30 but unfortunately it only started at 5.oopm

i dont mind.
every single minute in Istana Budaya was a minute i would cherish.

this is me in the dressing room waiting.
the dressing room is MARVELOUS!!!
theres a TV, a shower and all!!

this is us.
being the vain people we are.

it was my goal to take a picture on the stage.
i was plotting it since morning but only manage to do so
after the show when everybody was busy packing.

im sooooo thankful to Rabbani
for trusting us again to perform this very lovely dance.
and also to give me this opportunity.

waiting behind the stage during the rehearsal was an enjoyable event.
to wonder around the place, as if we own the place. haha..
and the back stage is as expected.
HUGE!! a soccer field, maybe?

being the dorks we are.
posing for a last pic before leaving.

i had such a great time.
i want to tanx Rabbani,
Kak Wahida for calling us.
Abg Aswad for remembering us.
and to all the Nafastari members who enjoyed this experience with me.

a great night.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Accidental Meeting

this time i wanna share with u guys another performance from
the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance.

this one is a contemporary dance,
performed by Jonathan and Karla.
its a dance about two strangers meeting and falling in love.
a very beautiful and graceful dance to be enjoyed.

karla is a contemporary dancer who is great in hip hop,
while jonathan is a salsa dancer who used to be a gymnast.

tell me wat u think...

off to dinner in PJ!