Friday, July 10, 2009

here and there.

today has been a tiring day.
nothin much to it.
went there,
go here,
collect that,
buy this.
pretty much the usual.

but i did
cut my hair today.
now i look much more human than i used to.

i like it.

now i dont have to worry of hair going up my nose.


6 people give a shit!:

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

You look different without the specs.! :)


Nice hair!Macam japs style je. *grin*

aMaeBa said...

haha... my friend said that i look like the guy from project runway...

japs style is soo much better.

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

Haha.who is that project runaway guy? LOL. XD

Yeah.better,kemas and ada style ma~ :P

aMaeBa said...

i forgot his name la..
the winner of season 3/4 tak salah..
yg pendek2 tue..

salihatalib said...

fringe tutup mata sebelah

aMaeBa said...

takda pon..
tue hasil drpd ironing yg sgt lama...
lepas dh basuh habis curl balik..

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