Saturday, July 18, 2009

lets have a good start.

to tell u the truth this is the first time
i spent this long away from this blog...
a total of 6 whole days!!
i suprise even myself.

so, the semester has started..
classes are scary this sem...
'Planning Decision Support System'
is looking at me with much detest.
'Planning Techniques' is also scaring me,
i could sense that it will bite me in the a** later in the sem.

i went to watch Harry Potter last Thursday.
i honestly couldnt comment much,
i just thought that it could have been better.
but who am i to critic a hollywood movie.

my ultimate goal this sem is to do better in my grades.
so i hope i cant do it,
coz i also have other duties and responsibilities to the uni...

cant say much about that.

i totally love my new room this year.
its on level 2,
near to the water cooler,
close to the stairs,
and also the toilet.
theres also a really cute kitty which i feed every night.
(i even bought packets of cat food)
i could sense the cat growing up to be really fat.


i could sense myself growing fat.


6 people give a shit!:

Sarah Iqbal said...

awww...kitty!!! dats soo nice of u!!

sEsuki xD said...

tgkp la gmba dier mael
ku mau lihat juge

Arfah said...

ntah2 nanti kucing tu jadik besar kundoq, habih hang nanti!:)

aMaeBa said...

@sarah i couldnt help it... she was so cute.

aMaeBa said...

@jee nnt ak tangkap gmbr dia. ill post later.

aMaeBa said...

@kak Arfah agak la, silap2 besar cam tue, habis tak tau nk buat ape.

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