Monday, July 6, 2009


as promised,
i said i wanted to comment stuff i like from Korea.
so this time i just wanna share this movie i found
which is very funny and worth the time..
but im sure a few of you would have already seen this.

so the title of the movie is
among the cast are
Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Ah In and Choi Ji Ho

and was released on November 13, 2008.

some of you will recognise
Joo Ji hoon from the series 'Princess Hours'
as Prince Lee Shin
and Kim Jae Wook from the series 'Coffee Prince'
as No Sun-Ki the Japanese talking pancake maker.

ok, so the movie is mostly about the struggles of Jin-Hyuk (Ji Hoon)
the owner of a cake shop called 'Antique'
to tell u the truth, the shop is only named so
because they serve cakes on antique plates.
Jin-Hyuk was kidnapped as a child and was badly traumatised.
but he doesnt recall anythin from the incident.
the only thing he could remember was that the kidnapper
would feed him cakes everyday.
using this bit of info,
after 20 years,
he decided to open a cake shop to lure the yet to be caught kidnapper.

i cant tell you too much, can i?
if not i would spoil it for u...

the movie also tell the story of the workers at the cake shop.
like the chef Sun-Woo,
who is gay and once confessed this love
to Jin-Hyuk when they were schooling together..
his story revolves around the fact that his live had change
since the rejection and how he has never been rejected since.

then there is the former boxing champion, Ki Beom
who can no longer box due to an injury
and now is under the wing of Sun-Woo to become a top pastry chef.

and also the klutzy Soo Yeong who's family works for Jin-Hyuk.
so making Soo Yeong a childhood friend of Jin-Hyuk.
He is in love with Sun-Woo though he thinks Sun-Woo doesn't feel the same way

The film was exhibited at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2009.
As the movie is depicted from a Japanese manga,
the names have been change into Korean names but still
maintaining the original storyline and plots.

so, its totally worth to spend a quite night
to watch this quite amuzing movie.
with its animated characters and steady pace.
im sure many of u will find this movie quite intersting.
it can easily be found in youtube.

so, watcha waiting for?
go check it out!

::tanx to Amir for the heads up!::

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fiza said...

oh,antique?aku da tengok drama, movie ngan anime...
jannah yg introduce aku dgn drama antique ni..haha

J said...

haha baru nak ckp yg i dah tgk, fiza dah comment da. :P

aMaeBa said...

@fiza i knew u would be the first one to comment on this post. LOL

aMaeBa said...

@j but i am quite suprised J tau pasal movie ini... emmm... im impressed!

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