Saturday, February 27, 2010

LOve is often misjudged.

IPAC 2010 was a success!

weeks of preparation was all for this one night.
it was all worth it.

ok, for those who didnt have the chance to come and watch the event,
heres a little summary.

LOve is often related with lust and ones desire for worldly matters.
but yet love is something that is actually really close to religion,
love is shown i many ways
and it was revealed in 4 major examples is this years's IPAC,
LOve towards Parents.
LOve towards Friends.
LOve towards the Prophet.
LOve towards Allah.

i really need to give my tanx to Kak Ada and Irwan
for choosing me to help u guys coordinate this event.
it was a huge responsibility to work as a programme coordinator
and i was proud to be able to work with
u guys as well as the others in the team.

congrats to cekgu KuZahir to a job well done with as
the music director!!
cekgu sgt hebat!!

and also tanx to all the people who made this event a success.
the musicians,
the actors,
the narrators,
the performers,
the crew,
the viewers
and all the
the supporters of IPAC 2010: LOve Is..

an assisting musician from
Orkestra Traditional Malaysia,
Istana Budaya

singers from the Ummul Qura' club..
this group of IIU students are a well known groupin Saudi Arabia.
their voices are so in sync its not even funny how good they are.

dikir barat also performed a song
that reminds us the crucial things in life.
advise us on things we tend to forget.

the orchestra pit was lead by my sensei,
Cekgu KuZahir KuAhmad

a special guest performance by
Ramli Sarip. it seems that IIU students really like him
everybody gave such a great round of applause when he came on stage.

this maybe my last tyme participating in an IPAC
ill remember this event the rest of my life.
the hardships,
the friends i made along the way,
the nights sleeping in the Hall,
the standing ovation people gave when the concert was finished,
tanx everyone.

this is the Programme Coordinator team,
lead by izwan from caklempong and Kak Ada from Gamelan.


::Credit to Mohd Ridzuan Mat Zin::

Thursday, February 25, 2010

countdown to IPAC

the rehearsals was yesterday..
i can assure u that tomorrow will be a very
interesting show for everyone to see...

there will be 3 stages,
an orchestra pit
and plenty of music performances by
Ramli Sarip,
angklung, gamelan, caklempong,
dikir barat and many others!

so come one,
come all to the
Cultural Activities Centre,
International Islamic University,

for the
Islamic Performing Arts Concert 2010,
"LOve Is..."


Sunday, February 21, 2010


my planning studio was the organizers for
this years planning pre-graduation dinner
at Kelab Darul Ehsan

the theme that was chosen was
Movie Magic where the guests had to wear
costume from a movie of their choice.

i decided to dress up as a Chinese Emperor,
to be exact, a Chinese Emperor from the Tang Dynasty.

i was soo in love with my outfit.
it was totally worth it to rent such an expansive costume!

i had loads of fun as the MC,
but i wouldnt want to be one ever again.
just because i think its not fair that i dont get to eat
wat i paid for..
hahhaa...!! me n my stomach!

i was nice to c everyone dressing up for the occasion.
its not always that we get the chance to do this.

there was only one problem during the dinner.
the head piece i was wearing the dinner was killing me.
it gave me such a headache and it wouldnt stay still!
haha.. watever. i had fun!


Taman Mini Malaysia.

last wednesday,
my Housing class had a roadtrip to Melaka
to visit the Taman Mini Malaysia.

it was a small trip
with just the 6 students of our class.
i tink Dr Mohit just wanted to have some
kind of activity for the class beside just doin
normal lectures in class..

tanks Dr Mohit for the trip!

by the time we reached IIU,
we were so tired from the trip coz
the journey back took us around 6 hours
due to the traffic jam and the many pitstops.
it was loads of fuN!!


IPAC 2010 - LOve is...

imagine a concert where all the music is live
and are played using traditional instruments like
angklung and such??

this is exactly wat this concert is about.
the Islamic Performing Arts Concert
is an annual concert held by the IIUM Cultural Unit.

This years theme is
"LOve is..."
where it tell about the love one would have toward many
things in his life.

2 years ago,
when i was in my first year in IIU,
i performed as a dancer in the concert.
this year i got chosen as a committee.
hopefully everything goes to plan.

everyone is invited to come.
it doesnt matter if ure not a student of IIUM,
u can still come!
btw, its free!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Im a 4th Generation Kampung Baru Resident

i live in Kampung Baru,
i went to school in Kampung Baru,
i play at Kampung Baru,
i am a Kampung Baru resident.

for many, kampung baru may not seem like a place where it could
provide anything for the country -
economically, socially nor physically.
in true fact, kampung baru has been around for a very long time.
even for my family itself,
im the fourth generation who have been living in the same house
my great grandfather used to live in (Haji Yahaya Sheikh Ahmad).
my great grandfather was like some sort of the co-founder of Kampung baru.
he even has a street named after him somewhere in Kampung Baru.

people keep on bugging kampung baru,
saying that its in need of development and the place is an eyesore.
the media is sending such a wrong impression to the people by saying that.
yes, im not saying that all the houses here are of worthy of receiving medals
due to their accomplishment in housing design,
but it holds many significance in the education of our future generation of children.

unlike petaling street, which holds a potential
in the commercial and tourism sector.
but in reality,
even petaling street is still in bad shape and is rundown in some places.
but the truth be told,
the authorities were able to develop Petaling Street
due to the fact that there were no houses involved in the area.
(ok, maybe there were a few..)

and wat seems to be the problem in Kampung baru is,
it is 80 Hectares of housing.
imagine the number of households residing in kampung baru.
imagine the number of generations have been brought up in this Kampung.
imagine the feeling of the residents here when suddenly
in the newspapers it says that

"Kampung Baru resident are offeres Rm 4,000,000
to move out of their houses to make way for development."

houses in Kampung baru can be traced back to the 1900's. even my house, it was built during the 1920's. last 12th of January, Kampung Baru celebrated its 110th birthday. t-shirts were designed to commemorate the special day.
and after 2 weeks of the day,
the authorities told the residents to move??
are they really serious??

im not trying to be rebellious or anything,
i just feel like Kampung Baru is missed understood by a lot of people
and people are trying to take advantage to that misconception.
most kids nowadays would never have the privilege of looking at a
traditional Malay house. an original village. right here, in the heart
of Kuala Lumpur.

why deprived them of that chance?
why chase out 5 generations of Kampung Baru Settlers?
Why being so greedy, trying to promote development?

im all up for development,
(well, i am studying to become a town planner..)
but not all problems can be solved by money.

karma is in abundant.
an eye for an eye,
a hand for a hand.
let the decision makers choose the right decision.

we are not squatters nor are we slums.
we see no reason to be push out into the dumps.

we just wish to be left alone.

ps. long post huh?? hahha~ emo sket hari nie.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Red Hangbok.

This is my korean language teacher.
my 선생님,
Mdm Lee Jie Hae.
she's a Korean native who is now working in Malaysia
with her husband.

so today is the last class for
Korean 101 class.
im not sure whether she'll be teaching us again
in our next class..
if she's not,
then she'll be greatly missed.

as a treat for us,
she brought along her Hangbok to class
for everyone to see and test out.
the hangbok was really beautiful.
the red one my fren is wearing is usually one
that would be worn when somebody is to get married.

im gonna miss comin to class..
my only regret?
if only i could catch on things a bit faster...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Main Dengan Rakyat - Part 2

this evening was the third time
i joined a session with
Maen Dengan Rakyat.

this time we had the chance to play
'lompat getah"
the game is like sooo hard.
my team lost BIG TIME!
i couldnt get pass the one over the ear nyer level...

we also played a few other games
as we were to tired to play getah anymore...
(my back was already hurting..)

i love this group of people..
we dont really noe each other,
and we dont really mind,
we just gather each month,
and play a game or two..
just to have fun while fighting for a cause we
all believe in.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia

yesterday was the official launching of the
'Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia'
at Istana Budaya.
i had the privilege of watching the their first
performance just a few rows behind the VVIPs!!
great seats!

but the real story is that i did my first show
as a member of Asuhan Seni.
we were the opening AKA welcoming act
before everyone went it the main hall for the orchestra.

i did do a few minor mistakes,
but i dont think anybody noticed..

in the Panggung Sari,
after the show...
everybody gave a standing ovation!
congrats Cekgu n kak Wawa!

a group photo after the concert..
i wonder where kak Wawa was...?

weird looking at kak Wawa with makeup on.. haha
jgn marah kak.

another group photo!

before the show.
nervous kew~~?

hopefully there will be many more shows to come
for the Asuhan Seni members!

and congrats to Trainers to Asuhan Seni,
Cekgu KuZahir and Kak WaWa for the wonderful performance.


::credet to ateng for the pics::

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Klinik Pergigian??

for those who dont have eyes,
i wear bracers.
ive been wearing them for almost 4 years.
today, i was suppose to get them off,
so i was sooo excited the whole week..
who wouldnt be rite??

but guess wat!??!
they didnt take it off!
they suddenly decided to change the plan!
a plan they conjured up themselves 3 months ago!

the thing is,
it took me an hour to reach the dentist.
n my treatment only took like 15 minutes.
i had to miss my class and all,
only to change the elastics on my bracers??

now i have a headache.
i have tilawah class in an hour,
have to hafazan...