Saturday, February 6, 2010

Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia

yesterday was the official launching of the
'Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia'
at Istana Budaya.
i had the privilege of watching the their first
performance just a few rows behind the VVIPs!!
great seats!

but the real story is that i did my first show
as a member of Asuhan Seni.
we were the opening AKA welcoming act
before everyone went it the main hall for the orchestra.

i did do a few minor mistakes,
but i dont think anybody noticed..

in the Panggung Sari,
after the show...
everybody gave a standing ovation!
congrats Cekgu n kak Wawa!

a group photo after the concert..
i wonder where kak Wawa was...?

weird looking at kak Wawa with makeup on.. haha
jgn marah kak.

another group photo!

before the show.
nervous kew~~?

hopefully there will be many more shows to come
for the Asuhan Seni members!

and congrats to Trainers to Asuhan Seni,
Cekgu KuZahir and Kak WaWa for the wonderful performance.


::credet to ateng for the pics::

4 people give a shit!:

..blindart.. said...

aku perasan ok ko main salah... hahahaha.... btw the performance was great... dah lama tak syiok sendiri... lelagi mase yg last2 tu (lepas otm perform)

aMaeBa said...

alaaa.. saya budak baru nk blaja maen gamelan nie... still BYYKKK!!! nk kene blaja. tp tetap sronok dpt maen show.

..blindart.. said...

ok la tuh... aku yg dah lama blaja pon masih main tak betul... huhuhuhu..

aMaeBa said...

ops! camne plak tue??

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