Sunday, February 21, 2010

IPAC 2010 - LOve is...

imagine a concert where all the music is live
and are played using traditional instruments like
angklung and such??

this is exactly wat this concert is about.
the Islamic Performing Arts Concert
is an annual concert held by the IIUM Cultural Unit.

This years theme is
"LOve is..."
where it tell about the love one would have toward many
things in his life.

2 years ago,
when i was in my first year in IIU,
i performed as a dancer in the concert.
this year i got chosen as a committee.
hopefully everything goes to plan.

everyone is invited to come.
it doesnt matter if ure not a student of IIUM,
u can still come!
btw, its free!


2 people give a shit!:

..blindart.. said...

mmg nak tgk... tapi apakan daya, mggu tu balik kg... full dress rehearsal bleh dtg tak? bile?

aMaeBa said...

full dress rabu nie.. mai la. boleh dtg gak.

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