Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Klinik Pergigian??

for those who dont have eyes,
i wear bracers.
ive been wearing them for almost 4 years.
today, i was suppose to get them off,
so i was sooo excited the whole week..
who wouldnt be rite??

but guess wat!??!
they didnt take it off!
they suddenly decided to change the plan!
a plan they conjured up themselves 3 months ago!

the thing is,
it took me an hour to reach the dentist.
n my treatment only took like 15 minutes.
i had to miss my class and all,
only to change the elastics on my bracers??

now i have a headache.
i have tilawah class in an hour,
have to hafazan...


4 people give a shit!:

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

oh my!!

Ape punya Dr.Tak boleh call je ke kata nak sort of like extend the time pulak.sian u~

aMaeBa said...

huhu.. kan?? susah sgt kew nk call..?
tak yah la nk suroh org dtg jauh2..

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

itu lah.ape lah tak profesional langsung dr tu..bersabar je la mael.

lama tak jumpa mael.hehe..

aMaeBa said...

dr tu tak salah la...
staff dia yg bangang sket.
derang yg bagi tarikh appointment semua..

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