Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream come true.

hello everyone!
it has been awhile hasn't it?a lot has happened.
and above all is that ive graduated UNI!!! hooray to me!!
and second, is that ive started working in a school as a teacher!!

even though ive failed to get myself chosen as a Teach for Malaysia fellow,
ive decided i wont say no to my dream to become a teacher.
i feel strongly about the profession therefore, nothing would be stopping me.
yeah, i know that after 5 long years of studying for myself to be an
urban planner may seem as a waste, but nothing is a waste when u are
intelligent enough to use what u have learnt in a different context than
it is usually used.

as ive learnt in planning is that an action should always
be supported by goals and objectives. therefore proper steps can be formalized to
achieve the goal intended. this is something the teaching profession have been
doing for the longest time. so, no worries there.

planning also have taught me the benefits of being able to understand a lot of things
outside of my comfort zone. as the saying goes, a planner is a jack of all trades.
that is also very important in teaching.

i m currently employed as a Malay Language and computer teacher in
Sri Utama schools. it is a private school located in Sri Rampai, near to wangsa maju.
a lot have warned me about the difficulty teaching in a private school
and i do agree but it is nothing out of the ordinary.
my brief experience teaching a government school is no different.
yes, some students are naughtier than other but any school is the same.
i m enjoying my first 2 weeks here.
and i can see myself working here for many more years to come.
wish for the best and hope all is well.

so tell me,
are u on the path u see yourself in 20 years?
are u scared to take that leap?
whats holding u back?
share with me in the comments below.