Saturday, July 17, 2010

bolder than b4.

i got myself a new phone!!

now the only thing left to do is to
learn how to used this thing-a-majig~
this is my official business card for asuhan seni.
im really proud of it,
being my first ever busines card.
tanx to shaqyl for the awesome design.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Silat Tari

ive been on quite a hiatus havent i??
well i have a lot goin on but to lazy to blog about it.

last tuesday the IIUM Cultural Unit had a promo
show during the 2010/2011 new intake taaruf week.
the nafastari had 3 days to practice and choreograph 3 songs to perform
imagine the amount of stress i was suddenly under rite after finishing my
practical trening!!

a new song in 3 days is not somtin easy to do.
luckily Cikgu Rudy was an expert in conjuring
somtin out in last minute situations like this.

so we did this silat tari contemporary dance for the first time
in the history of Nafastari.
it was awesome!
eventho it was last minute,
i can still see the beauty of the dance.

this could be the last time im doin a taaruf show???
how does it feel?