Sunday, November 21, 2010

parting words? *drama moment.

im leaving for HK in a few hours
and i thot i should leave some departing words..
eventho ive been doin this a few times oredy,
i doesnt stop the fact that im quite nervous about the trip.

yet again im travelling without my family,
leaving my dear Nad here..
most proli without contact throughout the whole trip.
it may appear to be only 9 days but..
i one day oso mau pening kepala wo~

mom n the family plak...
im not sure how i feel.
im always apart from them,
so nine days is proli nothing much.
i would still miss them tho but thats nothing new~

aj, sarah and eizla
my darlingtons,
miss u girls so much la..
the whole sem i have no idea if ive met u guys for dinner...

Shaqyl, dD n Vini~
remember to watch the communitychannel on utube
if u ever miss me tau! hahaha

the nafastari kids,
remember to practice.
i wanna win that trophy from UUM!!
promise me that we will give it our best.

i wish u all the strength.
u would always have my back in wat ever u decide.
we had each others back for 14 years..
i noe wat hurts u and wat doesnt.
be strong ya~

everybody else who i care less about
but never less important.
sorry if i done anything wrong ya.
doa kan perjalanan yg selamat pergi dan balik from HK~


Sunday, October 31, 2010


unity is a strong statement and value to hold.
its a value most politicians look to gain in their people
so that the nation can work together as one entity.

in Merriam–Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms,
it states that unity is
defined as the state of being undivided or unbroken
completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

while in islam,
unity is stated as the Islamic concept
of Unity of God, often referred to as Oneness of God,
in application to humans,
inculcates in man the realisation of the oneness of the human species,
and does away with all such barriers as divide man into racial,
ethnic and colour denominations.
This gives birth to the universal concept of equality in Islam.

well, basically unity is about combining ur
power and efforts for one cause.
so, why am i talking about unity after such a long hiatus??

ahha today,
after coming back from my weekly badminton game,
i passed thru the busy streets of Kg Baru.
there gathered a whole bunch of malay football fans
who has just witnessed the final match between
the team from Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan.
who won? i have no idea. i wouldnt care less.

so, there i witnessed a bunch of malay guys in red
all standing in the middle of the street where cars are suppose
to run on but are stuck cause of the people standing there.
these people are not doing anything~
merely standing and talking and laughing
over matters i would not want to noe.

the thing was,
nobody cared that there was such a
long line of cars gridlocked
due to these people,
i wanted to honked but i grew
scared of the fact that they could
in the end beat me to death.
so i merely cursed in the car.

i find this really interesting.
why was i scared?
i was scared at the fact that i could be gang banged by this group
of football fanatics who were all clad in red with their red flags and wat not.
malays are well aware of the power of unity.
but we are not aware of the things we should unite for.
malays are united when they see a chinese guy punching a malay boy.
*not realizing that the malay boy started it first.
malays are united at the all the wrong reasons.

i wish for a day when malays could rally unite to fight for better education for our children.
i wish for one day that malays could unite in the fight against domestic abuse.
i wanna see one day that malays would unite to stand for cancer!

i just want to one day witness malays to unite as Malaysians.
i do not understand why we keep on fighting?!?
and i dont believe anybody can answer that question.

will my wish ever be a reality?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day.

happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians.
I believe that this is such a great day to celebrate
and to be appreciated.
but being the first year of its initiation,
i can understand why its not relieving such a big response
from the public.

my mom complained to me about the why the big fuss about such
a day just a few weeks after Independence Day.
i got to thinking that the two holidays signify 2 very different
events and responses to the country.

one signify that the country is finally free from the grasp of
The British Rule and can finally try to stand on our own very asian feet,
( to only be a victim of international discrimination )
it also indicates the blood, sweat and tears that
many Malaysians had to go thru to gain that Independence.

Malaysia Day for me suggest a whole different meaning.
Malaysia Day would literally mean the formation of Malaysia
when Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak united.
Malaysia Day also signifies the uniting of the Malaysian
people and the lifestyle each person brings.
Malaysia Day celebrates the Malaysian integrity and tolerance.
it celebrates love and affection.
it celebrates friendship and persistence.
innovation and improvement.

Go Malaysia.
Happy Malaysia Day.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Gamelan Part 1 - Terengganu World Gamelan and MAKUM Gamelan Fest

Just some pics to share of the trip i had to
Terengganu 3 weeks ago.
around and about during World Gamelan Fest.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

bolder than b4.

i got myself a new phone!!

now the only thing left to do is to
learn how to used this thing-a-majig~
this is my official business card for asuhan seni.
im really proud of it,
being my first ever busines card.
tanx to shaqyl for the awesome design.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Silat Tari

ive been on quite a hiatus havent i??
well i have a lot goin on but to lazy to blog about it.

last tuesday the IIUM Cultural Unit had a promo
show during the 2010/2011 new intake taaruf week.
the nafastari had 3 days to practice and choreograph 3 songs to perform
imagine the amount of stress i was suddenly under rite after finishing my
practical trening!!

a new song in 3 days is not somtin easy to do.
luckily Cikgu Rudy was an expert in conjuring
somtin out in last minute situations like this.

so we did this silat tari contemporary dance for the first time
in the history of Nafastari.
it was awesome!
eventho it was last minute,
i can still see the beauty of the dance.

this could be the last time im doin a taaruf show???
how does it feel?


Monday, June 28, 2010

Projek Angkat Rumah

last Saturday i took part in an event simply named
'Projek Angkat Rumah'
in conjunction with Urbanscapes 2010

the project,
which involves the teamwork of 250 volunteers
had to carry a 1.5 tonne house along i would estimate
1.5 kilometers due to the detour we had to take.
(ill explain later)

the parade of some sort started from
Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentul Utama
which is just about 1.3 kilometres away at around 9.00am .
the 250 people was divided into 3 groups and was accompanied
by a Chinese Funeral Band,
a Indian Lion Dance Troupe
and a School Kompang team.
it was so funny to look at if u were a spectator
with the Mascot being Mr Potato and 3 little midgets...

1/4 of the way to KLPac,
we came across as bridge which was to low for the house to be carried under.
therefore the team had to take a small detour and go with plan B.
but the detour also had its problems.

the route for plan B had a small bus parked by the road which made
the road to small for the house to be carried thru.
but due to the awesomeness of the police,
(the door was not locked)
he simply opened the door to the bus and told us to push the bus aside.

then we reach at the gate of KLPac which has a guardhouse in the middle of the
road which makes the house unable to pass thru. AGAIN!
but this time, the organising committee already had it planned
and rented a crane to pick the house up and put it on the other side.


in the Sentul Park we had to maneuver thru
Electric Wires,
Electric Poles,
and exhaustion

but it was just fun and awesome to see
Malaysians to come together to help out in this unique spectacle.
the Project Director, Seng Tat who is a film maker
summed it as a way to show that stuff like this doesnt have to be done only by
a specific race in a kampung but also can be done in a City centre by
all type of races together.
Malaysians first, race second.

it may seem stupid for some and
pointless to others but i con only say to those people

pushing the bus aside.

the house was damn heavy!!

taking a break by blowing bubbles!

Aris face is epic!

a few volunteers were dressed for the occasion.
with kain pelikat and baju melayu, just like how they do
it in the kampungs.

some photos before the lifting.
hence the smiles.

almost there at KLPac.
i was not smiling anymore by this time.

a group photo of everyone.

by arrival at KLPac,
i was so dizzy from the heat that i could faint!
so me and the RA gang decided to drive to Bangsar
for some Banana Leaf and Nirwana.

came back to KLPac after the late lunch and spent the whole day
enjoying ourselves there doing some shopping,
sitting, drinking, listening to people kareoke, listening to bands
more sitting down, more shopping, and just spending some great times with friends.
i left around 11pm


::credit to Afra & Khalil for the pics::

Thursday, June 24, 2010

theres dogs in the carpark!

next week is the last week
im working in this planning firm.
it has been a roller coaster ride.
loads of ups and downs.

ive learnt a lot since my posting here.
about work, about workmates and also about life.

working here would be nice.
but i dont think planning is for me.
i want something more.
something bigger.
something that gives me more satisfaction
at the end of the day.

one day ill find that one job.
the one that tells me that im making a difference.

toodles IPSB.

Friday, June 18, 2010

There was no Bo Peep.

i just came back from watching this movie.
i can still remember the day when i watched the first movie.
i believe it came out when i was in kindergarten or maybe standard 1.
this movie reminded me many fond memories,
as any Disney movie would.
but i dont noe, maybe coz ive not been myself lately that i find this movie
very close to heart.

the movie felt honest in its message delivery.
it felt genuine and true.
i interpreted the movie as
when we grow up, we would alwaiz have items (in this case toys)
that we hold on to coz we find it sentimental and holds value.
but we must alwaiz remember that the memories would not die
if we let those items go, it would only allow
other people to create those same find memories as well..

growth is not about keeping and holding of memories but
knowing when to let them go so that we allow oursleves to experience new ones.

i felt like crying when the movie came to an end.
15 years.
15 years have been spent knowing the characters in this movie.
all of them had a function and added depth in the movie.
its a pity that Bo Peep was sold off and didnt have any screen time.
but still my fav is Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

let me explain why.
they emulate a fine and dandy couple
yes, they do bicker and fight but u still can see and feel the love
they have for each other eventho they are only animations.
their teamwork and the fact they are alwaiz together makes them my fav.

it breaks my heart that the movie is over.
but as the movie thought me,
when we love somtin, we need to learn to let go
and let other people love it as well.
i give the movie a A+.
my fav movie so far this year.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore -part 3- PICS

i love this pic. the mist adds to the mood.

a street in in New York

the Far Far Away Castle


the famous Singapore MerLion

this Phone is so expansive, u cant even afford to look at it.

the Giant Tree at Madasgascar

DOnkey's Standup show. Donkey Live!

the entrance to the best ride in Universal Studios

Ancient Egypt

the Lost World

cute couple. resting

i was so fascinated. look at the details
Tangs Tower. the oldest building in Singapore

cute little shop in Far East Mall


Sunday, June 13, 2010


isnt this the biggest glass of fresh orange uve ever seen??


Saturday, June 12, 2010


last thursday i was diagnosed with
High-Blood Pressure.

i didnt think it was possible for an active
person as myself to ever have this condition.
i initially went to the clinic thinking that i could have an MC
coz i was having fever and a really bad flu.

i came out as some who is suffering from
Hypertension and Pharyngitis.

Wat The HECK happened???!!?

wikipedia states that hypertension is:

Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. It is classified as either primary (essential) or secondary. About 90-95% of cases are termed "primary hypertension", which refers to high blood pressure for which no medical cause can be found. The remaining 5-10% of cases (Secondary hypertension) are caused by another conditions that affect the kidneys, arteries, heart, or endocrine system.

Persistent hypertension is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, and is a leading cause ofchronic kidney failure. Moderate elevation of arterial blood pressure leads to shortened life expectancy. Both dietary and lifestyle changes as well as medicines can improve blood pressure control and decrease the risk of associated health complications.

i need to take care of wat i eat now.
no more black burger and chilly crabs for me.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Singapore -part 3- Universal Studios

for dinner went to this chinese store which sells halal food.
its on the 3rd floor of Far East Mall on Orchard road.
it sells pretty good food.
i especially loved their Lemon Chicken.

we also went to Universal Studios located at the Resort World, Sentosa Island.
it was loads of fun.
it held 7 theme parks in 1 place.
there was Hollywood, New York,
Sci-Fi World, Ancient Egypt,
Lost World, Far Far Away n Madagascar.

there was so many people!!
n they said that there are a limited
number of tix that can be sold per day.
i guess it was sold out la kot.

ok, if u watch oprah,
u noe that she once did an episode where
she shared the 100 things she loves.
one of them is this type of popcorns known as
the popcorn was humongous!!
and every single popcorn had equal amount of caramel
not like the one sold in cinemas in Malaysia.
and a small bag of CaramelCrunch cost S$7.
i wished we had bought more.
so, if ure goin to Singapore anytime soon,
make sure u buy me one bag.