Monday, June 28, 2010

Projek Angkat Rumah

last Saturday i took part in an event simply named
'Projek Angkat Rumah'
in conjunction with Urbanscapes 2010

the project,
which involves the teamwork of 250 volunteers
had to carry a 1.5 tonne house along i would estimate
1.5 kilometers due to the detour we had to take.
(ill explain later)

the parade of some sort started from
Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentul Utama
which is just about 1.3 kilometres away at around 9.00am .
the 250 people was divided into 3 groups and was accompanied
by a Chinese Funeral Band,
a Indian Lion Dance Troupe
and a School Kompang team.
it was so funny to look at if u were a spectator
with the Mascot being Mr Potato and 3 little midgets...

1/4 of the way to KLPac,
we came across as bridge which was to low for the house to be carried under.
therefore the team had to take a small detour and go with plan B.
but the detour also had its problems.

the route for plan B had a small bus parked by the road which made
the road to small for the house to be carried thru.
but due to the awesomeness of the police,
(the door was not locked)
he simply opened the door to the bus and told us to push the bus aside.

then we reach at the gate of KLPac which has a guardhouse in the middle of the
road which makes the house unable to pass thru. AGAIN!
but this time, the organising committee already had it planned
and rented a crane to pick the house up and put it on the other side.


in the Sentul Park we had to maneuver thru
Electric Wires,
Electric Poles,
and exhaustion

but it was just fun and awesome to see
Malaysians to come together to help out in this unique spectacle.
the Project Director, Seng Tat who is a film maker
summed it as a way to show that stuff like this doesnt have to be done only by
a specific race in a kampung but also can be done in a City centre by
all type of races together.
Malaysians first, race second.

it may seem stupid for some and
pointless to others but i con only say to those people

pushing the bus aside.

the house was damn heavy!!

taking a break by blowing bubbles!

Aris face is epic!

a few volunteers were dressed for the occasion.
with kain pelikat and baju melayu, just like how they do
it in the kampungs.

some photos before the lifting.
hence the smiles.

almost there at KLPac.
i was not smiling anymore by this time.

a group photo of everyone.

by arrival at KLPac,
i was so dizzy from the heat that i could faint!
so me and the RA gang decided to drive to Bangsar
for some Banana Leaf and Nirwana.

came back to KLPac after the late lunch and spent the whole day
enjoying ourselves there doing some shopping,
sitting, drinking, listening to people kareoke, listening to bands
more sitting down, more shopping, and just spending some great times with friends.
i left around 11pm


::credit to Afra & Khalil for the pics::

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