Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lion Country.

i dont necessarily agree with everything that Singapore
have done and wat my country have done to tolerate
their crazy antics.

but i got to say that im really excited to go there this weekend.
mainly for several reasons.

1. ive never been there, it may be the closest foreign land to
Malaysia but it is sad to say that ive never been there.

2. my sis have bought tickets to universal studios that cost
around $70 each. so, im expecting it to be really awesome cause
it costs so much.

3. i want to see my sis's future husbands family and where they live.
my sis is finally getting married next year, it is only natural that i want to
get to noe my extended family better.

4. i was really interested in the town planning processes and methods
Singapore have been using that have elevated their country into such a well
organised country.

5. if i have the time i really want to visit one or two art museums and
exhibitions. it is so hard to find them in Malaysia, apart for MAP, Rantai and a few
other exhibitions, Malaysians are pretty much art illiterate.

6. i want to try the food. being a food enthusiast, i love food. im wondering if
the food there is any different from wat we have merely 500km away.

emmm... cant wait for friday.
anybody want to kirim anything??
plz post me money and the list of things u want.


2 people give a shit!:

MomTom said...

haha... just upload the pictures lah

aMaeBa said...

will do apip!!

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