Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Singapore -part 3- Universal Studios

for dinner went to this chinese store which sells halal food.
its on the 3rd floor of Far East Mall on Orchard road.
it sells pretty good food.
i especially loved their Lemon Chicken.

we also went to Universal Studios located at the Resort World, Sentosa Island.
it was loads of fun.
it held 7 theme parks in 1 place.
there was Hollywood, New York,
Sci-Fi World, Ancient Egypt,
Lost World, Far Far Away n Madagascar.

there was so many people!!
n they said that there are a limited
number of tix that can be sold per day.
i guess it was sold out la kot.

ok, if u watch oprah,
u noe that she once did an episode where
she shared the 100 things she loves.
one of them is this type of popcorns known as
the popcorn was humongous!!
and every single popcorn had equal amount of caramel
not like the one sold in cinemas in Malaysia.
and a small bag of CaramelCrunch cost S$7.
i wished we had bought more.
so, if ure goin to Singapore anytime soon,
make sure u buy me one bag.


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