Friday, June 4, 2010

Singapore -part 1-

i arrived in singapore this afternoon around 12.30
but got stuck at the Singapore customs coz a Indian
family decided to bring along liquor true the borders without paying.
after an hour of waiting, the bus driver decided to leave them behind
and told them to get on the next bus.

so, after 1/2 n hour, me n my sis arrived at the CBD of singapore
and was greeted by Khai (my sis's BF. cool guy)
he took us to the foodcourt coz we were complaining that
we were hungry. we had some chicken wings and the ais kacang (pic above)

then we took the MRT to the Bishun district and took the cab
to the Yishun district where Khai lives with his mom.

so, long story short,
my sis n Khai are off to god noes where coz
my sis has a job interview.

i m alone in Bishun,
in COffee Bean coz i couldnt find the Starbucks
n was to Kiasu to ask for directions.
(i also dont want people thinking that im a foreigner
luckily i didnt wear my i 'heart' KL shirt.)

the coffee bean im in.

singapore's ice blended original mocha.


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