Friday, June 18, 2010

There was no Bo Peep.

i just came back from watching this movie.
i can still remember the day when i watched the first movie.
i believe it came out when i was in kindergarten or maybe standard 1.
this movie reminded me many fond memories,
as any Disney movie would.
but i dont noe, maybe coz ive not been myself lately that i find this movie
very close to heart.

the movie felt honest in its message delivery.
it felt genuine and true.
i interpreted the movie as
when we grow up, we would alwaiz have items (in this case toys)
that we hold on to coz we find it sentimental and holds value.
but we must alwaiz remember that the memories would not die
if we let those items go, it would only allow
other people to create those same find memories as well..

growth is not about keeping and holding of memories but
knowing when to let them go so that we allow oursleves to experience new ones.

i felt like crying when the movie came to an end.
15 years.
15 years have been spent knowing the characters in this movie.
all of them had a function and added depth in the movie.
its a pity that Bo Peep was sold off and didnt have any screen time.
but still my fav is Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

let me explain why.
they emulate a fine and dandy couple
yes, they do bicker and fight but u still can see and feel the love
they have for each other eventho they are only animations.
their teamwork and the fact they are alwaiz together makes them my fav.

it breaks my heart that the movie is over.
but as the movie thought me,
when we love somtin, we need to learn to let go
and let other people love it as well.
i give the movie a A+.
my fav movie so far this year.


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