Sunday, November 21, 2010

parting words? *drama moment.

im leaving for HK in a few hours
and i thot i should leave some departing words..
eventho ive been doin this a few times oredy,
i doesnt stop the fact that im quite nervous about the trip.

yet again im travelling without my family,
leaving my dear Nad here..
most proli without contact throughout the whole trip.
it may appear to be only 9 days but..
i one day oso mau pening kepala wo~

mom n the family plak...
im not sure how i feel.
im always apart from them,
so nine days is proli nothing much.
i would still miss them tho but thats nothing new~

aj, sarah and eizla
my darlingtons,
miss u girls so much la..
the whole sem i have no idea if ive met u guys for dinner...

Shaqyl, dD n Vini~
remember to watch the communitychannel on utube
if u ever miss me tau! hahaha

the nafastari kids,
remember to practice.
i wanna win that trophy from UUM!!
promise me that we will give it our best.

i wish u all the strength.
u would always have my back in wat ever u decide.
we had each others back for 14 years..
i noe wat hurts u and wat doesnt.
be strong ya~

everybody else who i care less about
but never less important.
sorry if i done anything wrong ya.
doa kan perjalanan yg selamat pergi dan balik from HK~