Friday, October 30, 2009

finals comin!

all my classes has ended for this semester,
all i have to do now is
to sit for my exams...

my portfolio this year didnt go as well as planned,
but u noe wat?
i think
ive learnt so much this sem...
so many things have happened this sem
that have helped me grow as a human being...
tanx everybody!

4 papers to go!
wish me luck la eh?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ContraBass over Gong anyday.

somtin interesting happened last weekend,
it happens to be the first tyme i performed as a
member of a band.
(well, not the marching band kind,
i did that for 3 years already
the guitars and drums type)

but the thing is,
the band im apart of is a
some sort of a traditional acoustic kinda band..
we have a girl playing a violin,
people playing the rebana and stuff...

guess what i played?

i actually played the Gong.
it was the easiest thing i could
have thought of playing...
it was much fun tho,
we didnt just played song of the traditional type,
but did also played pop song and stuff...

then i figured that i needed to learn to play a
different type of instrument if i really want to
remain in the band.

with the encouragement of K. waWa,
we decided that i should learn to play the
Contra Bass
that is gathering up dust in
the Angklung Group's Training Room.

wish me luck trying to learn
how play this darn thingy.
i have a few months to get the hang of it b4 its too late.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somtin to be eaten with Nasi Kandar

i was out last thursday with a few frewns..
the movie was kinda nice,
but i just felt like ive seen better Malay movies..
well, I think so la..

the movie is about the real life
wishes of Adflin Shauki as a father to her
real life daughter

the story basically revolves around Adflin
who is a overprotective father to her
only daughter Miasara, after the death of her wife.
Miasara is played by Liyana Jasmay.

the story shows how a father can
sacrifice his life in order to
protect her daughter.

in my opinion,
the story is just ok la...
its heart warming and all...
but after watching for an hour,
i noticed myself looking at my watch every 10 minutes or so..

but for u Malay movies enthusiasts,
dont take my word for it,
go and watch it urselves...

Malaysia in support of Local Movies..
Mael in support of Local Movies...


Saturday, October 17, 2009

event 4: ell's birthday bash!

last wednesday we celebrated EIE+2 very owns

it was not actually her birthday,
it was a days b4,
tp tak sempat nk celebrate on that day,
so we opted for the next best thing la...

we celebrated on the rooftop of our faculty,
it was pitch black!
i couldnt see a thing!
luckily fiza took along her lappy toppy
so, it became our only source of light besides the stars..

i had fun as we havent hang out like this since
a very long tyme...

the last tyme could be the tyme
we all g maen layang2 kot..
dh lama tue...

heres some pics of the event!

after the small feast,
we went down and had a photo shoot...
alang2 bawak camera kan?

even i was feeling a bit vain that night,
so joined the charade..

toodles y'alls!!
happy belated birthday ell!!

event 3: gamat the musical

the title of the musical is
"Theater Kanak-Kanak Gamat the Muzikal"

it is certainly made to be watched by kanak-kanak...
half way tru i actually slept.

i went there last sunday,
with tash, k.N, woney, Dean and k. Lin
so much fuss over the musical

the there were only 5 things that was
keeping me awake,

1. Amy Mastura,
2. the child actor that was acting as 'Adek Gamat',
3. the costumes (great job iefiz),
4. the sparkling makeup, and
5. trying to find Natasya Hudson
(which i failed till the very end)

so, if ure new to the theater scene,
i seriously warn u that this is not somtin u should choose to
be ur first...

try somtin a bit more....
'adult like'


event 2: convo flowers

also during last weekend i had this
business goin with a few other friends.
we were selling flowers during my uni's convocation
it went not so well during the first day...
most probably due to we choose the wrong
place to put up our stall..
and also maybe due to the
reason that that day was mainly for the post graduate students who
are not so interested in these flower thingys...

the second day was soooo
much better...
atleast we made profit on that day.
im was not worried anymore..
coz i was suppose to pay back my mom
as i borrowed some money from her to start off the

in the end we made a few bucks..
it was not much but,
atleast we made sometin rite?

here is kak Puteri,
our resident flower wrapper wrapper if u get wat i mean...
"maksud nyer?"

this is fizi
he was incharge of all the dark red flowers...
which includes
trimming the torns,
removing the ugly petal,
and putting on the socks..

and this is kak saidah,
our makcik jual ikan...
she was incharge of
menggubah bunga RM10..

no pics of mizie tho...
jgn marah mizie..
tak cukup popular kot...


ps. Im not goin to do this again!

event 1: open house

last saturday was my open house..
it was sooo much fun to have sooo
many people at my house a one tyme..
it was like Chowkit!

it was so hectic la...
we actually ran out of chicken for the barbecue and
the satay..
so we had to sent out our beloved uncle to go
get some more...
he then called saying that the kedai satay
had already closed...
baru pukul 10 kot time tue!

but nevermind.
he went to another satay stall..
so it was fine.

my sis siap beli bunga api lagi!
suppose to be for the small kids
tp tah?
org laen plak yg beria maen..

tanx everybody who came!
tanx to farah and man for helping to barbecue the chicken.
tanx to akak for paying for all the stuff.
tanx to ma for helping out all day long...



PS. to tash, lola, sarah, and fat,
lupa nk take a pic wit u girls la..

Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear blog,

sorry i couldnt giv u the much needed attention
u require on a daily basis...

i promise to update of my pass 2 weeks
this weekend when i get back home to
where i could have proper internet access...


Friday, October 9, 2009

whats wrong with the network??

sori i cant even post a decent post these days...
so bz with studio work and
other stuff as well...

the internet network is
like soooo
sucky these days...
demm maxis!
this does not help with
my current feeble state of mind.

owh dimwit and horse poop tul la...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Code Name DEX

had a great day yesterday...
things started at 6.30 am.
where i was still rolling around my bed like
sack of potatoes...

tried waking dean up..
but he wouldn't answer....

i decided to move on without him...
had to pick a ton of girls from their colleges..
i believe i had to go round the uni like 7, 8 times??

once at the programme venue,
we had to set up all the stuff.
luckily the committees are all very the la helpful.
everythin went on smoothly...

we had to cut a few games due to
tyme constrains...
(it seems that everybody was too tired to continue anyways...)
so we had lunch on the field afterwards...
lama tak buat program...

at 3 oclock i met up
sarah, Tasya, Lola, and AJ
to go this open house done by Eman...
the soto was to to die for...

then off to fatins house kat Damansara
makan2 sum more
rendang nenek yg sgt sedap...
lemang was ssoooo lembut...
dapat duit raya lagi!
thanx fatins mum!!

then g the curve jap...
teman somebody tukar battery jam..
then jalan2 thru the many stalls at the flee market...
then balik.

sronok la hanging out with people
u have so much in common with...
now i noe another person who likes to listen to kpop...

hi! im dex! lets have sex! meet my friend max.
he'll be next. wanna sleep on my six packs?
or should i just flex?

apa la korang nie...

then cpt2 balik uni...
mlm tue sambung program...
the program was lots of fun!
many pics were taken,
many friends were made
and many memories was created...
tanx everybody for giving me full cooperation...
(being the head of PC is so much easier
than being the head of prep and tech!)


Thursday, October 1, 2009


my latest guilty pleasure
is this US tv series by the name of


this tv series is about this one school's
Glee Club (cam kelab koir la)

the club is led by this teacher which was once a member
of the club back when it was a well recognize team
many years ago... so now he has this dream of making the team
back on top.

so all the members of the team is kinda
quirky and interesting in their on way.
all r trying to chase their dream
and trying to break from the expectation of the school...

being a series about a choir club,
all the cast sings on their own...
the soundtrack of the songs is quite sought after...
they did a cover version of the song
'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse,
it was really3 good...

so, cite nie cam sgt best!
i would recommend people to give it a try...
im currently dwnlding the 3rd episode!
the 4th episode is out already.