Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ContraBass over Gong anyday.

somtin interesting happened last weekend,
it happens to be the first tyme i performed as a
member of a band.
(well, not the marching band kind,
i did that for 3 years already
the guitars and drums type)

but the thing is,
the band im apart of is a
some sort of a traditional acoustic kinda band..
we have a girl playing a violin,
people playing the rebana and stuff...

guess what i played?

i actually played the Gong.
it was the easiest thing i could
have thought of playing...
it was much fun tho,
we didnt just played song of the traditional type,
but did also played pop song and stuff...

then i figured that i needed to learn to play a
different type of instrument if i really want to
remain in the band.

with the encouragement of K. waWa,
we decided that i should learn to play the
Contra Bass
that is gathering up dust in
the Angklung Group's Training Room.

wish me luck trying to learn
how play this darn thingy.
i have a few months to get the hang of it b4 its too late.


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