Thursday, October 1, 2009


my latest guilty pleasure
is this US tv series by the name of


this tv series is about this one school's
Glee Club (cam kelab koir la)

the club is led by this teacher which was once a member
of the club back when it was a well recognize team
many years ago... so now he has this dream of making the team
back on top.

so all the members of the team is kinda
quirky and interesting in their on way.
all r trying to chase their dream
and trying to break from the expectation of the school...

being a series about a choir club,
all the cast sings on their own...
the soundtrack of the songs is quite sought after...
they did a cover version of the song
'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse,
it was really3 good...

so, cite nie cam sgt best!
i would recommend people to give it a try...
im currently dwnlding the 3rd episode!
the 4th episode is out already.


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