Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somtin to be eaten with Nasi Kandar

i was out last thursday with a few frewns..
the movie was kinda nice,
but i just felt like ive seen better Malay movies..
well, I think so la..

the movie is about the real life
wishes of Adflin Shauki as a father to her
real life daughter

the story basically revolves around Adflin
who is a overprotective father to her
only daughter Miasara, after the death of her wife.
Miasara is played by Liyana Jasmay.

the story shows how a father can
sacrifice his life in order to
protect her daughter.

in my opinion,
the story is just ok la...
its heart warming and all...
but after watching for an hour,
i noticed myself looking at my watch every 10 minutes or so..

but for u Malay movies enthusiasts,
dont take my word for it,
go and watch it urselves...

Malaysia in support of Local Movies..
Mael in support of Local Movies...


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