Saturday, October 17, 2009

event 3: gamat the musical

the title of the musical is
"Theater Kanak-Kanak Gamat the Muzikal"

it is certainly made to be watched by kanak-kanak...
half way tru i actually slept.

i went there last sunday,
with tash, k.N, woney, Dean and k. Lin
so much fuss over the musical

the there were only 5 things that was
keeping me awake,

1. Amy Mastura,
2. the child actor that was acting as 'Adek Gamat',
3. the costumes (great job iefiz),
4. the sparkling makeup, and
5. trying to find Natasya Hudson
(which i failed till the very end)

so, if ure new to the theater scene,
i seriously warn u that this is not somtin u should choose to
be ur first...

try somtin a bit more....
'adult like'


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