Saturday, October 17, 2009

event 4: ell's birthday bash!

last wednesday we celebrated EIE+2 very owns

it was not actually her birthday,
it was a days b4,
tp tak sempat nk celebrate on that day,
so we opted for the next best thing la...

we celebrated on the rooftop of our faculty,
it was pitch black!
i couldnt see a thing!
luckily fiza took along her lappy toppy
so, it became our only source of light besides the stars..

i had fun as we havent hang out like this since
a very long tyme...

the last tyme could be the tyme
we all g maen layang2 kot..
dh lama tue...

heres some pics of the event!

after the small feast,
we went down and had a photo shoot...
alang2 bawak camera kan?

even i was feeling a bit vain that night,
so joined the charade..

toodles y'alls!!
happy belated birthday ell!!

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