Saturday, October 17, 2009

event 2: convo flowers

also during last weekend i had this
business goin with a few other friends.
we were selling flowers during my uni's convocation
it went not so well during the first day...
most probably due to we choose the wrong
place to put up our stall..
and also maybe due to the
reason that that day was mainly for the post graduate students who
are not so interested in these flower thingys...

the second day was soooo
much better...
atleast we made profit on that day.
im was not worried anymore..
coz i was suppose to pay back my mom
as i borrowed some money from her to start off the

in the end we made a few bucks..
it was not much but,
atleast we made sometin rite?

here is kak Puteri,
our resident flower wrapper wrapper if u get wat i mean...
"maksud nyer?"

this is fizi
he was incharge of all the dark red flowers...
which includes
trimming the torns,
removing the ugly petal,
and putting on the socks..

and this is kak saidah,
our makcik jual ikan...
she was incharge of
menggubah bunga RM10..

no pics of mizie tho...
jgn marah mizie..
tak cukup popular kot...


ps. Im not goin to do this again!

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